Makeover. ? about foundation and powder

trudi_dJanuary 18, 2004

My sister and I just went to MAC for makeovers, it was nice and enjoyable and the beautician seemed knowledgable. The beauticians chose good colors and we both came out looking fine and dandy.

I don't know enough about foundations and powder so I wanted to ask a question about them. My sister wears foundation and some powder and at the makeover she had some put on over a hydrating moisturizer...the colors were good for her, but what I noticed was that as time went on the wrinkle lines on the sides of her eyes became much more pronounced, as if, perhaps, the foundation and powder started to tighten(?) and caused the lines to be more pronounced. Is that what happens always, or perhaps the products were wrong...maybe too much powder?

Hoping to understand, TIA,


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Possibly too much powder; a little dabbing off might have done the trick..... I like mac products; I've been buying their lipsticks for years.

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actually, that's just the nature of powder... it's got enough light-reflecting properties that it highlights shadows...and a wrinkle makes a sharp, noticeable shadow.
THEN, you have to deal with the simple fact that when you make a face: smile, frown, anything- you move the skin of your face around, and accent the creases that the makeup had been laying quietly in...

I've found that the older you are, the less in the way of foundation you should wear... even Tammy Fae looks younger now that she's not putting it on with a shovel!

MAC makes great stuff- but I think full foudnation and powder is for picture taking, not real life.

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Hi Trudy,

There are some powders that do a better job than others, but powder does settle in any lines one has. It can give a wonderful flawless look to young skin, but in mature skin it is best left for evening and pictures as chinacat said. Don't let a salesperson persuade you that you "need" it, because most of us don't. If you have very oily skin, or perspire a lot it helps is stay a little better.

I wear a mineral foundation over my normal foundation very lightly to hide the red in my cheeks (it works better for me than a powder although that isn't how it is designed), but if I didn't have that issue I'd avoid it. Much more youthful without it.

By the way, Mac products are very good. They have a lot of pigment in them and last. I'm unfamiliar with their foundation though.

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