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rabbit8January 21, 2006

can anyone give me some advice about what type of jacket will look good with a 3 tier lace skirt that come donw to the ankle. J.C Penney had it on sale because the top was missing. the skirt is beigh.

thanks in advance for your help.

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Maybe a little jean-type jacket in a fun color? Or even good old denim. What kind of lace? Eyelet lace or something more fru-fru?

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I don't know what you mean about fru fru, but I think I saw it somewhere with a jean jackek. I think our suggestion is good. I thank you so much.

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fancier lace

I was thinking of a more elegant type lace than eyelet, which is sort of casual. But jean jacket would probably work with either depending on the look you want.

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Thanks for the pictures (so amazing). The lace on my skirt is more like the bottom picture (fancier), but it has 3 tiers of lace that kind of overlap each other a little. I purchased it from JC Penneys about 3 years ago and never worn it.

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rabbit, I have to agree with a short and fitted jean jacket; I've seen that look and it's cute. The lace skirts are still current so you were ahead of the trend 3 years ago !

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