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sammy zone 7 TulsaJanuary 31, 2004

Christian Dior cosmetics are being pulled out of our part of the country. Oklahoma, New Mexico, most of Texas, and many of the surrounding states. I hate it. I am so angry with them.

I just love Christian Dior facial skin care. It is expensive, but lasts so long that in the end it is no more than others. I have been buying it for years and like their philosophy of only putting concealer around the eyes and eye lids, but no powder. I have gotten so much help from them, and absolutely love the products I use. None of you can help me, I just want to vent. The lady told me yesterday that they would give us then name of a web site where we could order it, and there will be a store selling it in Nieman Marcus in Dallas. That store could ship it. I live in Tulsa and the sales lady said that she made money from selling Christian Dior. The line had been quite successful, and Dillards and Foleys here were very happy. But the company is pulling out of all of Oklahoma.

I am unhappy that they are pulling out. I am also unhappy with the size of companies anymore. When I asked exactly who owned Christian Dior, she said it was Lever something that also owned Channel and some others. It is like with so many things, I feel I could complain if it were a small company, but nobody will listen to my one complaint. After all their records show that I purchase the product, and they are removing it anyway.

Besides all of this, it is cold, I cannot work in the garden and I feel like I am coming down with a cold.

Have a nice weekend.


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Write them a letter! When I don't like things, I write letters. I heard once that one letter to a company--this may have been TV shows, etc.---is equivalent to thousands of responses. Many people may THINK they're steamed about something, but won't write---your one little letter is speaking for the silent ones.

Usually, on the pkgs. there is a company name and possibly an address----or a least an email address. I don't know if I would settle for just sending an email. They can be deleted so easily. I understand your irritation.

It's cold here, too---like 4 degrees. I'm looking out at the little birdies eating the seed/bell thingy. I put it at a spot where I can enjoy the little creatures. Very relaxing and educational.

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