perfect flame grills

lphoenixMay 16, 2008

the perfect flame grills distribute heat unevenly and the stainless steel burners didnt last one year even though they come with a 10 year warranty. Lowes doesnt stock parts for these units. They are manufactured in China and the only way to get parts is through the manufacturer,not Lowes. Very dissatisfied with the unit and will never buy another one. Even though the parts are under warranty each burner if purchased is $33.95 so if you buy them,then multiply the amount of burners by the price of each and you may as well trash it and buy a new grill.Hopefully not another one of these pieces of crap!!!

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In August of 2006, my parents bought a SLG2006CN Perfect Flame 5 burner model for my husband's big birthday. The night after first using it, we were awakened by our neighbor banging on our door to tell us the grill was on fire. Long story short is that the Lowe's had improperly assembled the natural gas line. They replaced it, but our own plumber found the same assembly defect in the new grill. We had it fixed and have used it with no problem until Sunday - Father's Day. My husband turned the grill on and went inside. Within minutes, there was a roaring fire in the grill which was spewing black smoke out the back and from under the hood. Immediately we turned off the gas, leaving the hood closed...but after several long minutes during which we could hear metal buckling, the fire was only partly diminished, so my husband pulled out the utility drawer. Everything in there was on fire. We were able to douse it with water.

These stories seem to be about various models of Perfect Flame grills - has anyone else had trouble with this particular model? Is anyone interested in the class action???

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WARNING Do not buy these grills, Burners burn out in very short time with non existance customer service.

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Hey I want to thank everyone, especially the lowes guy for being honest about these grills! I am trying to buy one for my dad today and I was shopping for hours. Everywhere I went (Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Sears) No one knew anything about these damn grills. They were looking at it just like me, not knowing anything about them, and simply reading off the sales card. That was a bit frusterating but after reading this site, I have certainly decided NOT to go with a perfect flame grill. Does anyone have any info on KENMORE?? That was my next choice, because a good propane weber with a side burner is $700 and I was looking to spend around 500 or so.

Thanks again!


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My perfect flame grill caught on fire on the 89th day after I purchased it (7/4/08). I had never even heard of a grill catching fire before. We brought it back to Lowe's and got our money back.

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I own a Perfect Flame 4-burner LP Gas Grill model number GAC3615, and have had it for 4 months. Tonight, I lit the BBQ to preheat my grill to 350 degrees. I placed 1 large rack of ribs and 1 small rack of ribs on the grill and turned the heat to its lowest setting on 2 of the 4 burners. In approximately 7 minutes, I got up to baste the ribs and the grill was engulfed in flames. A hole 10 inches in diameter had burned through the hood of the grill. The back portion of the metal hood turned a glowing red and began to melt, dripping molten metal onto the wheel of the grill which also melted. As the metal was burning and melting, it turned white and sparkled like a fourth of July fireworks sparkler. As the rear of the hood continued to burn, I went inside and got a fire extinguisher to put out the 3 foot tall flames. Since the gas was still on, the fire extinguisher had no effect on the flames, but it did work to put out the flaming wheel and the grass that had caught fire. I called the fire department since the metal was melting and dripping near the nearly full propane tank. Just as the fire department arrives, my husband was able to turn off the gas and the fire department was able to extinguish the flames. With three firemen, and multiple years of experience between them, they remarked that they had never seen a grill catch on fire like that. They were also surprised at the awful smell that had come from the grill and advised us to stay out of the yard and away from the grill to avoid breathing in whatever chemicals were released from the fire.

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I wish I had read these posting before I had purchased my grill model SLG2006B. I don't think it makes much difference which model is used, the burners crack and without the proof of purchase, it will cost alot to replace. Just because you register the grill when you purchase it, it doesn't mean you bought it. Run away from this grill. DO NOT BUY A PERFECT FLAME. IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO PERFECT.

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Perfect Flame Grill Hazard,Perfect Grill Fire Hazard!!
I had a grill fire on 08/04/2008 one day prior to product recall. This item was brought at Lowes and manufactured by Lucas Innovations. As you can see by the photo album there was some property damage to the new deck and vinyl siding. Lowes accepts no responsibility for defective merchandise it sells other then issuing a full refund of the item. Lucas Innovations says that as I temporarily stepped away from the grill I voided the warranty. They are not taking responsibility for manufacturing a hazardous item, made with hoses that are too thin, and grill pans with too much magnesium. A normal household fire extinguisher could not put out the fire and intense heat from a fire 6 feet away from the house melted the vinyl. The Fire Department put out the fire with a special extinguisher.
As I seacrhed the web for information on this grill I noticed that there are over 175 "reported" fire with the CPSC which I reported to. But there are a multitude of forums where there have been fires from not only this grill but other Perfect Flame Grills also.
I would like to know if you had a fire, Did you report it to the CPSC, did you have property damage, did you return you grill to Lowes (I still have mine), did you contact Lucas Innovations? Do you have photos?

Here is a link that might be useful: Fire damage photos

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I purchased a small Perfect Flame tabletop grill Model GST1811 a couple of years ago. After using it 12 to 15 times, the thin tubular rods of the cooking grid disintegrated and broke in half. They want $40 to replace a poorly designed item. A supervisor was to call me back when I complained. I'm glad that I didn't hold my breath. Keep away from Perfect Flame.

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