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cupajoeJanuary 25, 2006

Just wondering about the sucsess rate of the different formulas.I've tried some that work,some that don't work at all,and some with very short term properties.It would be great to see what everyone else's experiences with these new products are.

Tried EB5 cleanser and the moisturizer.Love the cleanser,found the moisturiser is without a SP facter,so I rarely use it.My skin is irish,dry,medium complexion.I am middle age,slim with no major weight gains and losses,and no history of smoking.Skin has small pores prone to clogging.

Have tried Loreal's collagin filler.It's a temp fix for lines around the lip line,but doesn't last all day.

Loreal's line eraser- I don't like what it does to my skin.

Loreal's dermabrasion kit and face peel kits have been sucsessfully used with great results when I can dedicate the time.

Olay's total effects day moisturizer tends to make me break out,as does the neutrogena anti blemish anti aging creme.

I've used a sample lip ointment and also an eye creme made by Evol- a New Zealand company.I like them both enough to look them up when I run out.

I have Roc's night firming retinol creme.I like it.

Tried a group of products made by L&L containing retinol.All of them work well.There is an eye firming gel,a day moisturizer and a retinol serum.These are staples in my product lineup.

I also am a firm believer in the Strivectin -D creme.It is a great firmer for skin.

Tried a product called Arctic Ice wrinkle repair for relaxing facial mucsles.It works,although it must be used on skin under moisturizer.

Any other product junkies out there?

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I sampled the Perricone latest "neuropeptide" contour cream.. for a large tube, it costs $240! Luckily, Sephora is very generous for giving you a small sample otherwise would never consider buying it. I was astounded with how it plumped up my face. No one else has this ingredient. HE says it is expensive cuz it costs exhorbitant amount to synthesize. I am on the verge of buying. Otherwise, a few of his products like "Concentrated REstorative Cream" or the "Ntp" version are THE best creams I have ever used. Perricone is less about cosmetics and more about pharmaceuticals and vitamins.

p.s. and this hyper-expensive neuropeptide smells like medicine -- real fishy smell too but the effect. ah!

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Ever read his books?I eat a lot of salmon,but there is no way I could do it every day.And if every one did,wouldn't the oceans be fished out?His diet regimin is extreme.I may have to look for some samples though.

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yah, i think the salmon is not intended to be done daily for life but more illustrates that there is something to the Omega3-6's.. so I certainly take Omega3-6-9 supplements.. plus there are other fishes such as mackerel (even yukkier) that are high.. BUT above and beyond this, remember that the farm salmon has less good omegas than the Wild.. (big controversy even about how bad farm salmon CAN me fed)... but let us not get in to how much mercury pollution we have in our seas :-) ... probably IS good that we don't eat that much of it.. take your flaxseed, borage oil!

ANYWAY, if you need a quick fix for a special occasion, you can follow his regimen for short term and definitely see the difference.. add in lots of water and that alone shows people the nutrition side of the picture.

yes, I've read his wrinkle cure book quite closely, skimmed the others (they seemed like somewhat repetition with a few new things). watched the stuff on tube ... no one else has illustrates as well with nutrition.. then we go the way of the topicals, but at least you see that it's "good" stuff.

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Ever followed his regimim for the quick fix?I know about the wild salmon difference btw,but it can be hit or miss finding it in my area.May have to pull out the copy of the book and give it a reread.

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Those of you who want to include salmon in your diet to improve your skin should try canned salmon. It's really the best way to get wild salmon and much less expensive than fresh. Perricone's diet is hard to follow, at least for me, and the changes are not really permanent, it's lifestyle you want. Anyway, I've found retin A with strivectin (or the look alike available at Walgreen's) has really improved my skin. I mix a pea sized amt of retinA and mix it with provectin, use at night. Then use a good moisturizer during the day with sunscreen. Shopping Sephora is not convenient for me except when I go to Vegas but I think there are products that can help. Just stick to your program and watch your diet. I know, easier said than done, except when you look in the mirror and panic!

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