Please help me identify this chair

kira114June 20, 2013

Paid 5 dollars for this chair. I've tried researching it and have come up with nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1890s - 1920s (or repro from the 1970s-1990s) oak side chair with a pressed back.

If you look under the seat you might see the holes for caning, or it might have had pressed cane, or a board seat.

Nice chair, but nothing fabulous.

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Thank you! Any idea what's its worth as is or fixed up?

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How much it's worth is very dependent on where you are and how you are planning to sell it. Definitely at least the $5 you spent, and it could be quite a bit more than that if you're in an area where golden oak is popular. It does have the disadvantage of being a single dining chair -- if it were part of a set it would have more value.

i wonder if it's European, rather than American. There's something about the lozenge-shaped press-carving and the shape of it that seems European to me.

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That's very interesting, thanks so much for the help.

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