Tile under vanity?

sharon_vaJanuary 10, 2008

I am trying to figure out how much tile to get for our kids bathroom remodel and need some more info before I buy it. We will be taking the room back to the studs. So, should we tile the entire floor then install the new vanity on top of the tile or install the vanity and tile the rest of the floor? Thanks for your help.

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i was wondering the same thing... i was planning to, for waterproofing & in case changes are made later on... eager to see responses to this...


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From what I've observed, you can do it either way. In my kitchen, they installed the cabinets and then tiled up to them. In my bathroom the tile goes under the vanity - but the vanity sits up on legs, so it has to be that way. Since bathrooms are small, it probably would not cost that much more to tile under the vanity and then you would have both the waterproofing benefit for your subfloor and the future flexibility to make changes later on.

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It also gives a much cleaner look if you tile the whole floor prior to the installation of the vanity.

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Thanks guys. I guess I'll figure enough tile for the whole floor then. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions as we get to the actual laying of the tile :).

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Ditto on all of the above: you can change the layout later without having to retile, your vanity doesn't "lose height" compared to the floor, and I think it looks better if the intersection of the vanity and floor has the tile going underneath rather than the edges of the cut tile bumping up against the vanity. Sure, grout and caulk (as well as shoe molding) can cover a multitude of sins and imperfect cuts, but I'd rather hide those under baseboards.

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