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Cajun007May 14, 2003

Well, I just lost my entire message in an attempt to share with all of you my desire to see more postings from experienced and new barbequers. Those of you who have already purchased a new 2003 Kirkland Signature Grill, those of you who have some other stainless steel grill and those of you who have been doing this for some time on who knows what. I have found other "grilling" websites out there with a wealth of information and would like to see it here. So, hopefully, some of you will be willing to share your knowledge and experience with us concerning the pros and cons of stainless steel vs. ceramic, cast iron, "flame tamers," rotisserie cooking, CLEANING stainless steel, and some of your best recipes. Thanks!

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I'm new to the big stainless grill thing, so I don't have much to share yet. I've been using cheap gas grills for years, but never did much with them other than the standard fare like burgers and steaks. But I will be happy to share anything good that I run across.

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Hi LiveBlues!

I am new to the Stainless grills as well. Grew up in Louisiana where we did a lot of deep pit - and if you cooked OVER a fire it was called "grilling" not BBQ. In any event, the one major thing I have learned is about the cleaning. Maybe like you, when I grilled, the drippings just went into the briquettes or lava rock (which were black or grey anyway) and were finally burned up in the heat (ie: the drippings never really showed). But I had a little trouble getting used to seeing the drippings falling onto my nice, clean, shiny "flame tamers" under the grill and over the flames. After going thru the painful process of cleaning them each time, I finally decided to just let them burn off and started cleaning the grill via the instructions: right after cooking - when the grill is still hot - take some water and a metal brush and start scrubbing the grill. It works great. Everything comes off so much easier and looks like new. In mine, it all drops down to the grease tray below which I just take out and remove the tinfoil I have lined it with. It's recommended to use a cooking (hot) mitten when cleaning because of the steam. Anyway, hope you enjoy your stainless.

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I always thought that most people used the term BBQ a little loosely, but what the hey. With this new grill, I think that I could probably BBQ a few things if I get creative, hehe. I love this grill. I am going to try Fairegolds whiskey/soy marinade on a couple of ribeyes with the grill on a hot grill to sear them. I am usually more of a medium well kind of guy, but I don't mind it a little closer to medium rare at times. I will let everyone know how it turned out.

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