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littleredhenJanuary 21, 2006


I have been a member of GW for years, but just recently found out that the once paying forums are now free. I am so excited to be able to post in here again, though my topic isn't that darn exciting. ;-)

I did do a search, but some of the postings are so old, that I thought I'd start a fresh subject. I am 36 and still look pretty young. Lately I have been getting some acne mostly around my mouth area, and I can't stand it. I am one of those lazy types who doesn't really have a face cleaning regimen. I just do the old soap and water deal in the shower. The only face cleanser that I own is Noxema, because that is what I grew up with and I know nothing else. So every now and then when I am breaking out, I rub Noxema all over the area, leave it there a bit and then scrub my face really well, secretly hoping that the Noxema is doing something to help. But I don't think that it is doing much of anything. I would like to buy something that I either use daily or now and then, that cleans my face and helps keep me from getting acne. Also important to note, I am super cheap, so I was hoping for something that I could pick up at Walmart or wherever. Does anyone have anything they recommend?? I often look at that St Ives apricot scrub and it just sounds nice for some reason. But I don't know if it's any good. I appreciate your suggestions!!

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I think that scrub is really too abrasive for anything but the shower floor and may aggravate the problem! Try a generic mild Benzoyl Peroxide cream at night and under your makeup. Switch to Eucerin used with a wash cloth as a face cleanser. Walmart must have a store brand that you can buy. Longs and Walgreens have their own versions, too, I think. If you want an exfollient, use one of the ones for sensitive skin. I think St. Ives has a sensitive skin version, too. Use an oil free moisturizer designed for acne prone skin. I have had acne since early teens, I am now 50 and still dealing with it. Aaarrrggh.

If your home treatments fail you, head for the dermatologist. The only thing that ever really worked for me is Retin A, prescription only.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acne skin care

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i really like st. ives scrub. I don't use it every day though. I find that it helps get rid of black heads and makes my skin look and feel nicer.
I also use their acne clearing facial wash (comes in a tube) it has tea tree oil and salicylic acid and seems to work pretty well. I am happy with it.
benzoyl peroxide works the best but it bleaches everything and I ruined so many towels and shirts that I said i wasn't going to use it anymore. I found that the salicylic acid medications work almost as well so i have been using that.
Just remember never to scrub your face too hard or use anything but your hands to scrub. This just aggrevates the area and makes your skin produce more oil. I used to make this mistake too and now that I am more careful things have improved.

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Thanks for your suggestions!! I guess I'll have to make a random Walmart trip and just gaze upon everything and see what I wanna try. I am still interested in the St Ives. I think marketing is an interesting tool, b/c the St Ives partly attracts me b/c of the label design. Go figure! I did notice that on my Noxema that it says it's a cleanser. It just seems like it doesn't do much, and I thought that maybe there was something else out there that was better. Thanks again.

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I had bad acne as a teenager,mostly on my forehead,nose creases and chin. I had infected bumps. Went to several dermatologists, finally was prescribed a mild benzoyl peroxide wash that helped a lot. I finally outgrew it, though I still occasionally had a bump or two. Now I'm 53 and find my skin is quite sensitive. Anything astringent or with scrub properties makes me sore and dry. Plus my lips get very dry and cracked. I found a facial cleanser I really liked, Anew Perfect Cleanser made by Avon. Problem is, they no longer make it. I have purchased a few bottles thru Ebay. Anyone have a suggestion for an older gal?

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10,000 mg daily of vitamin A has kept my acne undercontrol.

For cleansing, Cetaphil is nice and mild. It's companion moisturizer is also easy on acne prone skin.

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littleredhen - I helped a young girl in my office whose acne was flaring constantly - she was using St. Ives. I am Canadian so product choices are different (more limited usually). Eventually she found she could tolerate some of the Vichy products - I think you can get them in the US. Or you could try Cetaphil - my skin is very, very dry so does not work for me. But most important thing for you is to establish a proper skin care routine - and toss the Noxzema. I am 55 and everyone used it when I was a teen but long term use can result in problems later on. Re acne around your mouth, have you considered your tooth paste (tartar control is a devil for this); are you placing a phone received against your mouth - this is known to cause acne - I got around that by placing moleskin around the mouthpiece daily - and cleaning it - and of course pillowcases. Also some foods - acid types such as grapefruit can cause a problem - me for example.

jannie - At 55 I feel your pain and I am allergic to most things. I note that you live in NY - maybe check out some of the Erno Laszlo products from the 8:30 clock. Also you might want to avoid moisturizers with a combined SPF - go separate. I use a night cream during day to avoid the combo product.

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I meant I take 10,000 IU of vitamin A daily.

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The best thing for breakouts is honey. If you get some zits, just put some honey on the area and leave it overnight. You may want to place band aids over the area so you don't get your pillow all sticky.

Honey works fast and great on zits. I once had a rash on my face for months and could not get rid of it. I starting putting honey on my entire face, like a mask, for 20 minutes, once or twice a day. Within a few days the rash was gone.

Another good tip is to use that good old and cheap witch hazel on your face after washing. I splash it on my face in the morning and night after washing. Do this for a month and you will be impressed with the results.

If you want to spend a little money for some dramatic results, I like Isadermix. They have a product called Neck and Face Lift that is amazing. It is the most unusual feeling mask I have ever used, but it works great. I only use that about once a month.

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