convert my grill from LP to Natural Gas

drewopoMay 21, 2007

i have a char broil lp gas grill and was wandering what it would intail to convert it from lp to natural gas, thanks in advance


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Weber sells (or at least used to) a kit to convert their LPs to natural gas. Contact Char-Broil to see if they have one.

If you are looking to diy, I know the holes on the burners need to be enlarged but not much else.

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You will need new burners with bigger holes, since natural gas has fewer BTUs for a given volume than propane.

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I have converted several by just drilling out the jets. I don't think the heat value of the gas is as important as the difference between gas pressure from the propane regulator and gas line pressure.
Problem may be in finding a set of number drills and determining how big to drill it.

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DH enlarged the holes on a DIY conversion, which did not seem to heat as quickly or as hot. However when we purchased a ready-to-go natural gas, I notice a big difference in how things cooked.

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