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joe179May 1, 2002

I am thinking about adding pneumatic wheels to my grill. This should make it easier to roll through grass and other rough areas. Has anyone else done this?

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I upgraded the casters on my grill shortly after I got it, so it would roll easier over a wood deck or uneven surface. The new casters are 5Â, which is 2Â larger then the standard ones that come with the grill, they are also about 1/4" wider too. The mounting style of the new casters was the same as what came with the grill, so it was easy to upgrade. The overall designs of these casters are much stronger and allowed for a larger flush mounting surface between the casters and the frame of the grill. Cost was only about $25 and I'm glad I did it. With the larger diameter wheels, rolling it over any cracks or over a wood deck is much easier.

Not sure about pneumatic wheels. What size are you looking at and how would you mount them?


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>> The new casters are 5Â, which is 2Â larger then the standard ones that come with the grill


I looked on the Internet for quite some time but was unable to find casters with the same mounting configuration as the casters that came with our grill. Where did you get yours?

How has the ergonomics of cooking on the grill changed now that it is 2" further off the ground? I'm of average height and could see raising the grill making a big difference.

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The type of casters and mounting used on this grill is a ÂThreaded Stem CasterÂ. You want to make sure you get the same size stem as on the original casters so they can be screwed into the grill frame without any modifications to the frame. I think the stem size is 3/8Â-16, but I would recommend that you double check with one of the casters off your grill. Originally I started off looking for a 6Â caster, but I was unable to find any that size that had the same size threaded stem as on the original casters. 5Â casters were the largest I found with the same size thread stem.

IÂm not sure of the brand of casters I got, but here is a link you can use for reference
I purchased 2 standard casters and 2 casters with brakes (mounted to the front of the grill), and all the casters swivel.

I did need to make one modification to the stem length of the new casters. The maximum stem length that could be used on the grill was 7/8 and all the casters I found came with a 1-1/2 stem length. I just used a hacksaw to cut the stem to the required length One tip when cutting this threaded stem, or any other thread rod, is to first thread on a standard nut (the correct size) past where you plan to cut. After you cut the threaded stem, unthread the nut. This will help straighten out the ends of the threads that may have folded over, making it easier to thread the stem of the casters into grill frame.

If you want to try and find a local supplier, try using Yahoo / Yellow Pages. Just entered in the name of the city and state, and do a search for ÂcastersÂ. If that donÂt work, try doing a search for Âmaterial handling equipmentÂ. This is what I did; I also looked in my local yellow pages telephone book. My purchase was made at General Caster Service Inc., 31301 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights, MI 48071 Phone: (248) 588-8990, if that is any help.

As for the height of the grill, that did not change that much. Keep in mine that even though the casters are 2Â bigger, they only raise the grill 1Â not 2 (1Â above the axle and 1Â below for a total of 2Â). Plus the design of these new casters fit fully flush at the mounting point at the base of the stem. This was a big improvement over how the original casters were made. As such, with the improved design on these 5" casters it only raised the overall height of my grill by 3/4Â over the standard 3Â casters that came with the grill.


Here is a link that might be useful: reference link for casters

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