Do you need to secure a grill on the patio?

ncdelMay 6, 2014

I live in a state that gets tornado warnings on occasion & the back of our house is like a wind tunnel in general during storms b/c there is nothing behind us... we are putting a patio on the back of the house & want to have the grill in a spot that does not back right up to the house but is accessible to the door that goes only concern is whether I need to be concerned about the grill blowing over in a bad storm? I know we could build a wall/area for it to go in but I don't really want to spend that $. Is it necessary to secure or are there other ways or is it really unlikely that a grill would blow over (It is a Weber 4 burner gas grill to give you an idea of size/weight).

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I think a grill could blow over. I tie mine to my deck railing when hurricanes are expected. What about if you sunk a 4x4 into the ground a bit, in cement, behind the grill, cut it a bit shorter than the grill so you wouldn't see it so much, then you could tie the grill to it. You could drill a hole thru the 4x4 and put the rope through the hole.

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