Mystery spoons?

need2learnJune 22, 2012

I hope someone can plz help with this. I've searched the net over to no avail. I have some old spoons, and they only have a single mark on the back. It's a K inside of a circle, the spoons have a floral motif, and look to be either fruit spoons or orange spoons? They are 5 3/4 in. long. I believe they are silver plate, but not certain. If anyone can tell who the maker's mark is, and when they were made I would be extremely appreciative !!! Thx in advance !!

Here is a link that might be useful: spoons

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Anyone have any clue as to who made these spoons and when they were manufactured? Or if their S.P. or not? Any info would be greatly appreciated !!

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Sorry, we're not ignoring you. I have no idea and could find nothing with reference to that mark.

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Don't know who the maker is....but have seen those spoons before. In fact I know someone who was trying to collect a set.
They are citrus spoons...something in the back of my mind says they are made for oranges and grapefruit...?

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Fori is not pleased

That style (one of my favorites) with the naturalish florals seems to have been popular in the early 1900s.

Very pretty I think!

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I think it is a spoon for eating grapefruit.

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Perhaps Replacements, LTD could help you identify them? Don't know if they'd do that unless you were looking to sell or buy from them, but they would be the ones who really know silverware styles. At the very least, you could browse their website and see if you see anything similar.

Alternatively, you might take them to some of your local antique shops and see if you can find anyone with expertise in the field.

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I looked through manufacturers lists & didn't come up with anything; nothing in my pattern books, either. I have an orange spoon in Leyland by Rogers from 1910 that has a very similar bowl but different flower in the design.

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Stuck in the back of my brain....not easily accessable...LOL!
Spoons like that were made with different I remember had grapefruit and another oranges. And the only way to tell the difference was the grapefruit had 2 fruits and the oranges had 3.
Way back when when I first started going to household sales, people would dig through the boxes of tableware looking for these spoons.
Wish I could be more specific....

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Yes, they do look like the grapefruit spoons my grandmother had. They work really well. We used hers for grapefruit which we had sectioned in the rind before serving when I was a child.

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