What is your favorite Shampoo and Conditioner

emmhipJanuary 18, 2006

I have tried a lot of them, but I really don't have a favorite. I would love to hear what has worked for everyone else. Thinking about trying that Pantene winter hair stuff...

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I've used expensive salon products like Kerastase and bargain products from WalMart. I keep coming back to Pantene shampoo and conditioner for my hair which is fine and a bit thin. Right now I use the brunette hair products because I am coloring my hair a deep brunette shade at this time. Still love it.

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Hi! I'm one for the cheapies, rather than expensive salon stuff. I do enjoy pantene w/conditioner, and also I have always loved the VO5 line. They have a strawberries and cream shampoo that smells EXACTLY like the lifesavers/creamsavers candy! They also make a nice blueberries and cream. And they cost less than a buck in many cases!!! Funny, you always see the ads for that Herbal Essence where the gals are moaning and breathing heavy and need a moment alone with their shampoo! lol I have purchased that, and the VO5 stuff is better imo!

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I drift between Dove Shampoo for thick hair ,, and Biologe for color treated hair.

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I love tresemme... they have a good deep cleansing shampoo that gets my hair really clean of all the waxy products that are on the market today... and their conditioner leaves my hair feeling really soft and healthy without weighing it down... I have long curly hair that gets tangled easily. The best part is the cost.. It's only about 3 bucks a bottle.

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I second Tressemme, and you can also leave the conditioner in your hair and it looks shining and healthy!

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I don't think I have a favorite. I'm a hair product junkie so I've always got several bottles of stuff going in my shower. Right now I have Herbal Essences fruit fusion, VO5 blueberries and cream, a few things from LUSH, and some Pantene in there and I just love them all!

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I've been using Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner by aveda for years; it helps my color stay longer, it's gentle enough for everyday use. I buy the shampoo in the large bottle with a pump. The conditioner I buy the regular tube since it goes a long way. It's expensive but I use it sparingly.

The containers match the color of my shower tiles and I like that....

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Where do you buy Color Conserve? Sounds good.

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It was developed specifically for color-treated hair (although anyone can use it), and it is the first shampoo that really doesn't strip my color. I have the pump bottles for both the shampoo and conditioner. It can be very pricey, but I usually get mine on eBay. I get the voluminizing type; they also have one for straightening.

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dragonfly, I also use Aveda shampoo and conditioner also. I get mine at the salon that colors and cuts my hair.

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Thanks Riverrat, yesterday I saw Color Conserve in CVS...
sounds like it's worth a try.

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I use Advance Techniques Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner Its from Avon but I love how it makes my hair smell fresh and it feels clean.

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I alternate between Pantene's formulation for fine hair and the Redken anti-snap products I get at my stylist's. I have a ton of hair but it's very fine; and in winter weather it has a tendency to stand straight up as though I'd been struck by lightning. Not my best look!

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I don't use any conditioner - leaves my hair heavy and gluey and it gets dirty faster. My hair performs best when spanking clean.

I have used a lot of shampoos over the years. The ones I prefer are those that lather easily. I do find the Pantene for darker blonds to be fine for the price even if my hair dresser thinks it's too harsh. I have bought shampoos just because I like the bottle. ;)

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I had problems with hair loss and got over it with H3 Revitalizing shampoo which contains Extracts from Burdock, Horse Tail, Birch Tree, Rosemary, Common Sage for regular use. After seeing the effects I tried H2 Regenerating Hair Lotion with Vitamin C that nourishes and strengthens the hair. You can find these products at www.aslaskin.com . Since the, I really can say that H3 Revitalizing is my favourite :)

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I use and love L'Occitane's Angelica shampoo and conditioner. A little goes a long way, it's just moisturizing enough for my fine, thin, hair without weighing it down. Plus, I really like the way it smells.

In the middle of the summer when my hair is really dry, I'll switch to the shea butter shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

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In the case of shampoos, if you color your hair, you should spend the extra money on shampoos that protect your color. Unfortunately I have found most inexpensive shampoos and conditioners contain alcohol, and even some of the more pricey (like Pantene)have alcohol. Look at the ingredients. If it has alcohol, it will strip your color and ultimately dry out your hair. Many inexpensive conditioners make your hair feel conditioned because they contain wax which does nothing but coat the hair. The combination of wax and alcohol will ultimately require you to use more product and wonder why your hair is so dry without it. There was a special on one of the news shows (I think 60 minutes) that exposed the fact that many of the products we buy today like conditioner and lotion actually contain ingredients, like alcohol, that do the opposite of what you think they should. What good is a moisturizer or conditioner that drys you out?

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I love bumble and bumble creme de coco shampoo and conditioner.
It is so pricey, but it lasts so long. I can really use half as much as any other shampoo and it lathers up really well.
I love Ojon spray conditioner, it makes my thin hair feel thicker but does not weigh it down at all.
I look for products that don't contain alcohol, and some of the good ones I found are Paul Mitchell, Ojon, Bumble and Bumble. I found that the more you pay, the better quality you get, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

Biolage uses lots of alcohol in their products.

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Biolage shampoo and conditioner work the best. I have long, curly VERY dry hair and the inexpensive stuff doesn't work.

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I am VERY careful about my hair products. I have a medium-thick type of hair. I only died my hair in the beginning of the year and with my shampoo and conditioner its kept the color long-lasting and extremely vibrant. Also, my hair is naturally curly, but I straighten my hair every time after I clean my hair and/or get my hair wet and this keeps it healthy, smooth, shiny, manageable and very moist. Also, NO MORE FRIZZ! The products I use are called "Pantene Med-Thick Hair Solutions." I use their moose, hairspray, conditioner, shampoo, straightening creme and detangler. I love them all! Please try. You will LOVE IT! :)

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Biolage for me. Perfect weight on the conditioner, and it smells so good. I use a clarifying shampoo about once every 2-3 months to wash out any buildup.

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I like the Aussie (Redmond product) shampoo & the leave- on rinse; also Infusiun 23 shampoo & leave-on rinse

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