Coleman Series 8400 Grill $1300 ($900 Discount)

brianphlMay 16, 2007

Costco is running a huge discount on for a Coleman 8400 Series Grill, $900 off until 5/21.

I want to buy it but they do not have it at my local store. Does anyone have any experience with this grill? Does it have grease management or smoker trays? Coleman does not have any information about it and I cannot get home fast enough daily to call them.

I actually have a 500 gallon propane whole house supply for my heater and hot water heater, other than hot water, it does not get used much in the summer. I wouldn't use a 20 lb tank.

The reason I am looking at this has to do with my family size. I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters and everyone has spouses, kids, grandkids, etc. We host at least 5 family gatherings per year. I thought this would be a good size\price combo. Forget the look. I want to know about features like grease management and or smoker trays which are not evident by the marketing materials.

There doesn't seem to be much out there about this grill. Two online retailers are selling it for at least $2300.

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From what I have read about it, it appears to be a hard deal to beat. I am unsure of Coleman's warranty and customer service, but I DO know of Costco's customer service. I would absolutely go for this grill at this price (even includes shipping!)


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OK boys, I bought the 8400 from here´s my review....

1st delivery of the BBQ which weighs 500lbs and ships on a pallet, was all smashed up...the driver wouldn´t even unload. The LTL carrier, Roadway was to blame. So, fast forward 3 more weeks, and a new one shows up.

More broken knobs which Coleman replaced, and we finally start grilling.

The BBQ has two pull'out grease trays..very good setup for the grease management question.
The BBQ is built VERY well...great 304 steel. I still have a auto'igniter which still doesn´t start half of the BBQ ...oh well. I´ll keep buying American till they get it right.

Rotisserie is my next challenge as well as a cover. I just bought the 80x35x45 grill cover at www.the'cover' for $89.99 +sh.

Overall it works very good and the side-burners kick b. I am not a big fan of side-burners, but these are truly awesome. Like a kitchen outdoors for hot days...mama likes that. Heat the pasta water up outside, no problem mama.

No smoker trays..but bought one at Walmart..heavy duty for about 8 bucks. Works.

I wish the infared was on the bottom of the grill as opposed the the back wall. It sears with amazing heat.

Cleans up well...and is the talk of my neighbors. Very nice looking grill for the $$$. 4 stars outta 5.

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