Liquid Soap that leaves you Squeaky Clean?

lov2gardenJanuary 17, 2007

I have oily, non-sensative skin & I exercise pretty vigorously each morning before I shower. I'd like to use a liquid shower soap but the ones I've tried all have some kind of moisturizer in them which leaves a slick film on my skin & increases the oiliness.

Is there a liquid shower soap that leaves the skin squeaky clean like bar soaps do? I've even considered a dilute solution of dish detergent.

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I hate the feeling of moisturizers in soap, too! If you really have tough skin, I would recommend trying Bath and Body Works' "Breathe" (a citrus-scented shower gel). It leaves my skin dry and clean (actually, for me it's too dry, but then again, I have slightly cranky skin). If your skin is a little less tough, I recommend Neutrogena's Relaxing Shower and Bath Gel. It is the only thing I have ever used that leaves my skin at the perfect balance of not too dry but not too moisturized. Hope this helps!

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I have the same problem, although I have dry skin.My DH loves Oil of Olay bar soap, and while I admit it does have a nice lather, I hate the feeling of any kind of "residue" on my skin when I get out of the shower. I'd just rather use a lotion for dryness; I get in the shower to get clean. I have actually used the BBW "Breathe" gel and I do like it. It has a nice light fragrance.
The other thing that comes to mind is that I noticed at my SIL's home once that she kept a bottle of antibacterial liquid hand soap in the shower because it's what her young grandson liked; I tried it and was pleasantly surprised that my skin felt clean but not too dry.

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Try baby wash. I use it all the time for washing my face. When I go on trips, it's my shampoo and body wash too.

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I bought Breathe body lotion recently, I just love that scent....

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I though of two for you to avoid. Oil of Olay, as mentioned above, always seems to leave a residue (ick!) and so does Aveeno.

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A liquid glycerine soap would be better than dish soap. I think the dish soap would be too harsh for you. Pears now makes a body wash which is available at Walgreens. If there is a Trader Joe's near you they also have liquid glycerine soap. Whole Foods or a health food store would also have some such as Dr. Bonner's.

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I've used Suave clarifying shampoo as a shower wash. It's inexpensive and works on my hair as well.

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I've been using Alpha Hydrox body wash for years. Light fresh scent, no residue. I can't find it in local drug stores these days so I've started buying it online.

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Good ole Dial (bodywash) does it for me... I usually have to lather on lotion twice once I get out of the shower, but the slimy feeling of conditioners in my body wash irks me.

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