Members Mark Quality Issues

joe179May 12, 2002

Yesterday I put two medium chickens on the Spit of my 2 week old MM Grill. When I began removing the spit the plastic handle broke. The spit shaft is threaded and the "nut" used to hold the handle is a plastic dowell. This is not sufficient for longevity. I have also heard of casters bending, burners rusting, regulators whining, and ignitors deteriorating. I think Grand Hall should look into these issues for product improvements.

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They are a poor value when you consider they are made in China and sold at Wally World's Sams fiasco. The grill should be only around 700.00 considering the quality. Its the billion dollar advertising dollars Wally mart spends that sells the imported thing to simple minded consumers that blow 35.00 a year to shop at a store. Buy name brand and get value for your dollar. Stay away from wal-mart.

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I believe that the Member's Mark grill is of acceptable quality considering the price paid. At $599, you can afford to throw it away after 5 years and get another. If you compare them to $2000+ grill is BBQ shops, they may lack somewhat. Basically, they do a great job of grilling (Isn't that the object?).

Cast iron burners will show surface rust and will have to be cleaned yearly. Thin stainless will fail because of chloride stress corrosion. Stainless is not failure proof.

I would rather not purchase items made in China because of the political situation. Sometimes price drives me to do it. Quality is not an issue with the items. I purchased this grill and a patio set. The quality and assembly instruction are first rate.

One can find fault in anything. If I have to replace the cast iron burners later at a cost of $40 or so, I don't see that to be a major problem. I believe the worst problem will be the grill bottom pan. It will fail because of salt.

As far as paying $35 to Sam's or Cosco to purchase there-you are a fool if you don't look into it. One can save that many times over with smart shopping.


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I think the basic grill to be a good value. However for a few bucks more people would get a grill with brass burners, heavy duty casters, and wooden or heavy plastic handles on the spit.

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What grill are you referring to for just a few bucks more?
I am trying to decide which to buy and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I agree that it would be nice to have those features. I suspect that this grill may be a "loss leader" at the price it sells for. The pictures I have seen of the Costco Virco grill makes me want that one instead. Unfortunately they are not readily available.

I have had cast iron burners before in some grill in the long ago past. They are not that bad. They will exhibit a layer of rust after a year or so that looks like the whole thing is gone. If you clean it off, you will find the cast iron in good condition for more years.

I cleaned my grill after 2 months of frequent use and found little rust. I do not cover my grill (too ugly and a PITA).

The item I would like to see is the bottom pan made out of stainless and the ability to pull it out of the front instead of the back.


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Somebody help me with the deflectors under the grill grid.
MM has ceramic and Virco has Stainless. Which better and why?

Also--body of MM is steel and Virco appears to be stainless. How much difference in the long run?

Virgo burners are stainless tubes--MM are cast iron. What's the long term difference.

Thanks to all you guys for providing this great resource

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I bought my Member's Mark grill at Sam's last April and the cast iron burners are rusted already. Will Sam's take it back and give me a new one or do I have to call the 1-800 number and get the parts?

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If you clean the burners (wire brush) and then season them, you should be fine. Although those burners will rust abit, they will last a long time. MM only gives a 1 year warranty on them (I think) and two years on all SS parts. That is OK though, rust won't really hurt them too much, in fact, in some ways it actually helps protect cast iron from further detioration. I think you will find that if you clean these burners up you will find they look fine underneath. Not much else you can do, it is the nature of cast iron. Hope this helps.

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Rust is common for grills made in CHINA

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I assumed MM used brass burners because the Grand Hall website boasts brass burners. They must have gone cheaper on the burners to get the price down for Sams Club. How do you season cast iron burners and how often is it necessary? How long should they last for with proper care? Sorry, I have no experience with cast iron.

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Once a year of so, take the burners out and brush them off. If you are using a lot of salt and moisture there may be a layer of what appears to be a lot of metal. This will flake off and the burner will work well. Make sure to check the holes for plugage of BBQ drippings.

One thing I would do is leave the retaining pins out unless you plan on turning your grill upside down. They are difficut to remove and replace.

Last I heard, cast iron made in the USA rusts under moist conditions also.

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This site or other related grill sites were of great value to me in deciding to purchsae a MM Y0101XC instead of the Jenn Air at Lowes. Purchsaed one today and now find no accessories lisitngs for second grill shelf/warming rack. Also I thought (not listed in manual) suggestion on curing /polishing the S.S. surface B/4 use other than foam spray. Enjoy all the messages!

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You guys are great.
I called Grand Hall and they wanted me to send them the burners. I went ahead and bought three of them. What is the best way to season them?
Thanks a bunch, Mark

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: You guys are great.
: I called Grand Hall and they wanted me to send them the
: burners. I went ahead and bought three of them. What is
: the best way to season them?
: Thanks a bunch, Mark

Try this link:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The cast iron MM burners are covered for two years under warranty.GH only requires a receipt now and that you pay shipping-18.37 for three burners. They will last twice as long if coated with a good coating of cooking oil-veggie or canola or whatever.Do this once or twice a year to double thier life.If out of warranty they are 12.50 each .
Like the old frying pans-cast iron always needs a coat of oil.Works like a barrier to prevent rust.

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