Need to replace 48" DCS outdoor grill. Help!!!

dreddMay 6, 2013

Newbie here, just bought a house with an outdoor kitchen and it has a horribly rusted and unmaintained almost 15 year DCS grill.This is the one with integrated side burner, so its a total of 48 inches.
Thought its simple to replace with a new one so went and looked online, and kind of got a sticker shock.

1. Is it worth to replace with another DCS of the same size so I dont have to worry about fitting it into the space that is cutout on the outdoor island?
2. If I go with some other brand(hopefully priced lesser), do I need to worry about space issues? For example, I really want a side burner, so do I look for 36 inches grills and then try to place a 12 inch burner next to it.
3. What bout gas connections? This one obviously has just one, so if I buy the gas grill and side burner separately, then do I need a plumber to come and create another gas connection.

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Personally I have a Prestige Twin-Head Napoleon BBQ and I love it.

This one is maybe too big but they have a wide range of BBQ and I really think it's the best BBQ I never had.

Here is a link that might be useful: Napoleon BBQ

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