HELP! My scalp is itchy & dry & flakes look like lice.

dldm1123January 4, 2006

I have thin, fine blonde hair that's straight as a board & oddly enough gets oily easily, but my scalp stays dry. I've tried dandruff shampoos, vinegar, seabreeze, etc. Nothing relieves it. I can't use heavy conditioners b/c my hair type won't allow it. I'm unable to wash my hair every other day(with bathing 2 children at PM who has time)? My sister who has brown thick hair w/ body has scalp issues too. Her scalp scabs even without scratching. We don't know what to do besides rolling with the punches & being embarassed in public. Any help? Thanks in advance, Dana

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Dana, this may sound funny but, try 'Listerine' mouth wash....the original, not the new flavors. Massage into the scalp, it will take care of dandruff, maybe if your lucky, it will help with your problem.

Let us know if it works.


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Try Paul Mitchel Tea Tree shampoo you can get it at a beauty supply store, It is a cleasing shampoo you will love it.

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Ok, I have a bottle of tea tree oil here & well, the smell is strong to say the least. Is that shampoo as strong smelling? Haven't tried Listerine yet but would that be comparitive to vinegar &/or seabreeze?

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It does smell strong but it is a good smell, it wakes you up in the morning, It also is very tigiley. I think you would like it. Just dont get it in yur eyes.

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I used the tea tree shampoo last night & so far not much itching but I have to give it a few washes to be certain. I also bought a bottle of reg. Listerine as well. Might use the Listerine first then rinse & shampoo with tea tree stuff next time. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for your advice, Dana

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My girls have opposite hair like you and your sister- one is so thick you can barely get a brush in it, the other has thin whispy hair. They both had flakes of scalp in their hair.
The hairdresser said to get a firm bristle brush and brush right to the scalp daily as this massages the natural oils through the hair. Worked so far! No more scalp flakes.

On the other hand, I also get an itchy scalp- mine is because I am allergic to many shampoos. Anything with lots of pearly sheen (fish sclaes) sends my scalp nuts- as do highly perfumed shampoos and conditioners. Might be worth trying a natural (fragrance free) type shampoo, and rinse really well if you think it could be allergy.

The shampoo I used when my scalp went overboard reacting to a shampoo and drove me crazy with itchy welts etc was T-gel a tar based shampoo from the chemist. Smells disgusting, but gave me relief.

Good luck,

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This strikes me as a deficiency of Omega-3/6/9 oils...
in my estimation, it would do you no harm to either take a supplement made by Barlean's "Omega Twin" .. or to alter your diet dramatically with lots of olive oil and fatty fishes such as salmon...

There is a really interesting reference book called "Fats That Can Save Your Life"...

type of shampoo or topical treatment isn't going to make much difference here if you truly have a deficiency....

best of luck,


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Sometimes my scalp gets itchy in winter.I use a dandruff shampoo when that happens.It isn't good for the scalp to wash your hair daily.It dries the scalp.Use a smaller amount of shampoo so that ALL of it gets rinsed out properly.Some water quality affects the rinsing capabilities of water.Shampoo should be used in amounts no larger than a dime.Condition the middle to ends of hair.Less products on scalp mean less possibility of residue.Try a vinegar rinse to make sure shampoo is out.
My dog is having scalp problems and I have finally narrowed it down to a wheat allergy.Consider your diet for possible allergic reactions.Make sure(as another writer posted) that you get enough oils in your diet.A tablesppon of olive or grapeseed oil can do wonders for skin and hair.

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You have psoriasis and need to see a dermatologist. Mine prescribed a mousse-like medication that helps tremendously. I also only use denorex shampoo (don't buy the kind w/conditioner mixed in) it's a tar based shampoo that is great for psoriasis. I've been using this since I was in college, it's really good.

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Even though THIS SITE is selling something, it seems like a pretty good source of info on what may cause dandruff: scalp yeast imbalance. Click on "All about dandruff".

(Note, I do not own Johnson & Johnson stock.) :)

I have used tea tree shampoos in the past. They feel nice for sure, but my problem just got worse. Some shampooing alone can remove flakes and give the appearance of helping, plus that "tingly" feeling will override the itching for a while.

I would definitely recommend seeing a good dermatologist. My problem was intermittent, the occurrence and severity often related to stress. It was worse in winter as the site says. In addition, the dermatitis irritated my eyes.

My doctor proscribed Nizoral. This worked! There are also OTC versions of Nizoral available.

I have also used prescription and OTC T-Gel shampoos as well. Luckily drandruff shampoos do lather up better than they used to. This makes it easier to use a minimum amount for savings.

Do yourself a favor and go to a dermatologist. Whatever he/she recommends, you will save a lot of money and frustration from ineffective OTCs (like Head and Shoulders) and herbal solutions.

Good luck!

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I have flaking right after I wash my hair and I've been using anti-dandruff shampoo AND clarifying shampoos for several months now with no change. I wash my hair every other day. From reading this thread, I am thinking I should probably take an omega-3 supplement or eating more tuna etc. Because my head does not really itch significantly. I do take a multivitamin already, several times per week (i.e. when I remember).

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Yes,this is definitely psoriasis or SEBORRHIC dermatitis. Both my husband and daughter have it.
My husband has it so bad at times that big flakes can peel off his head.
He seems to keep it in control using Neutragena t-gel and Head and Shoulders medicated.
It hasnt really helped my daughter's much though,so she might be getting a visit to the dermatologist!

I read something about this happening when skin cells are growing at an accelerated rate. Some say it has to do with intestinal health though.
Either way,if it doesnt get better trying typical over the counter stuff for it,see a dermatologist.

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I had terrible flakes. I went to a dermatologist and he diagnosed I had Seborrheic Dermatitis. Gave me a prescription for a shampoo that really helped. I now use Head and Shoulders regularly and it keeps the flakes away.

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I have finally had a chance to order proanagen samples & I'm waiting on the delivery. I'll let you know, once I've used it, if I noticed any results. Thanks to all for all the feedback.I don't recall having this problem when I was young. Guess the older I get, the more things start malfunctioning. Hate to see when I'm 50+ because 29 isn't that old. Guess stress really does factor in...I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys. Wouldn't want it any other way though!

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dldm, I think this is a first, posting a feedback after almost 2 years since the original posting. Let us know how the samples work out !!!

this product seems to be mainly for hair loss but if it works for dandruff, who knows....

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I also have baby fine blond hair and a very sensitive scalp. At around 30 I developed allergies to most of the perfumes they use in cosmetics. Eliminating perfumes stopped new hives from eruupting on my scalp, but I continued to have a flaky scalp and hair that looked oily a day after washing, just like the original poster.

My doctor said the flakes were definitely not dandruff, but suggested that I avoid using hot water on my scalp. She said the scalp burns more easily than the skin on other parts of the body.

I followed her advice and within a few weeks my scalp improved dramatically.

P.S. My sister has been plagued by psoriasis since her teens and says it itches like crazy when untreated.

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