Weber gas grill question

suekendMay 20, 2009

I'm looking at the Weber Genesis grills. I see the burners run side to side instead of front to back like I'm used to. Do any of you have any problems with this set up, or do you like it better? Do you have any problems using it for indirect cooking?

Also, do you prefer the stainless steel or the enameled cast iron grates? I had a little problem with my other grill and the enameled cast iron grates getting a little rusty. (That was after 1 year, then a tree fell on it and smashed it, so I don't know bad it might of got.)

Thanks for all you help.

Sue K.

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Traditionally Weber Gas Grills have been side to side burners...I have grown to prefer this design and love Weber grills and their customer service. More recently they purchased another company...I believe Ducane, and integrated their fore and aft design into the Weber Summit line so you now have a choice.

I have a Genesis and like it a lot. Indirect is easily accomplished using only the back and front burner.

Currently I have the stainless steel grates, but have had cast, and porcelain on previous grills. I suspect the stainless is the most substantial, but they will all deteriorate over time. Keep the grates of any grill coated and seasoned with cooking oil and they will last a long time.

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That's too bad about the tree :-(

I actually have one weber grill, and one viking. I don't find too big of a difference between side to side and front to back, besides where you put the meat if you don't have all of them on.

I prefer stainless steel. Making sure they're clean and seasoned is important, and I've had mine for over 4 years.
I could imagine that the iron would get rusty if the enamel comes off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weber Grills

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We had a black Genesis for 11-12 years. The grates needed replacement maybe every 5-6 years -- and that was not using a cover or taking exceptional care of them in humid Gulf Coast weather. Not a big deal, and the box itself was solid as ever. They make a good grill. It is tempting when you see larger grills for half the price, but lift the lid and look at the build and weight -- you'll get less than half the life out of it.

About a month ago, we discovered the burners were in need of replacement. We could have replaced them -- I am starting to think you can keep a Weber working for a lifetime if you are willing to replace parts occasionally. But we had already decided that it was time to get a new grill and would not do more repairs. We bought a new one - -in part to get a larger one now that the boys are teens and have teen boy friends (we need to cook more burgers than before ;-) ). Our new one cooks front to back, which is good for when we are only doing something smaller like burgers for the 4 of us, but we never had an issue with the side to side. Both can work well.

Hope that helps.

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