How to clear clogged pores

ilovewinterJanuary 14, 2008

I have tiny pores around my mouth that have become clogged. They are not unsightly, but the feel of the little bumps really annoys me. I think I got them from using too much lip balm. Who do I see about getting them cleared up? Do I need a dermatologist or will a good professional facial do the job?

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Try the facial and see. I'm assuming that would be the least expensive choice? If they don't go away then you may need a doctor.

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I would definitely try a good facial, talk with the technician about extracting a few and see how you react.

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if it's actually a waxy buildup from your lip balms (and you've ditched the balms for something with shea butter instead) then a good steaming should go a long way to loosen those plugs...if you're lucky, it will raise them enough that you can literally scrape them lightly with the edge of a spoon, and they'll slough right out.

better? a good steamy shower, and then mis-use those biore pore strips, unless you're like me, and have enough of a mustache that you need to wax it, wait two days, and THEN use the pore strips :)

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