Cleaning Member's Mark

femgolferMay 25, 2002

I just tried something on the outside of my grill that worked like a charm. I had a little brown coloring starting to happen on the top, and also some tiny black grease splatters. I tried "Bar Keeper's Friend" on a damp sponge and wiped very carefully, and gosh darn, the thing is blinding me again. Very shiny. I also finished with Stainless cleaner. I also tried it on the grills themselves, and it worked better than anything else. Really shines them up. Give it a try.

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I was going to recommend this stuff to the group. I have used it for several years on stainless cookware. It makes look like new....with some elbow grease.

I did my grill with it 2 weeks ago and finished off with Stainless Steel Magic. I looked new again.

BKF is available at most supermarkets for about $1.50/can.
It's with the cleansers.

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Where do you buy these products.............
I have looked at walmart- osco drug


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Try looking in with the cleansers or metal polishes(Brasso) at a Safeway or Albertsons or other supermarket. It's pretty common stuff.

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