Shorts over 50

momcat2000January 28, 2007

i just turned 50. What type of shorts should a women my age be wearing? I tend to wear clothes that are too "young" for me and I want to "clean up my act"

I know many people would say "wear what you feel comfortable in and don't worry what other people think"

But I think it's time I grew up wardrobe wise if i'm going to invest in new shorts.

I am 5'7, 145#, decent legs

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I think capris or just above the knee length shorts are more flattering than baggy Bermudas for women. Especially if they are cut closer to the body like jeans. Big wide clam diggers are not attractive. I'm 51 and have long since given up the Daisy Dukes!

I like some of the more tailored looking styles here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nordstom shorts online.

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Thanks Barnmom. So i'm thinking around a 7" inseam....

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Ann Taylor Loft had nice shorts last summer season that came to just brush the knee. Very nice and not too expensive. I don't think too short shorts look good on anyone but a teen.

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I like the shorts from LL Bean, the khaki ones (I think called Bayside). They are little less fitted than some of the Nordstrom ones shown on Barnmom's website. A 7" inseam would be very good.

The capris and cropped pants are a great alternative to shorts. I'm older than you, Momcat, and I prefer a little more coverage to go to the grocery store, etc.

Sounds like you think now that you are 50, you are going over the hill, so if you like, I'll be glad to trade ages with you....OK? LOL!

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I don't think age is the dominant factor for shorts. It should be the condition of the legs. Flabby, varicosed, cellulite, etc should be more covered than attractive legs for those comfortable exposing legs. Of course, if at the beach or the weather is extreme, some exceptions should apply. Now I'm hearing 60 is the new 40, but this is not universal, as we all know. Some women should never wear shorts but we still all have choices. I look the other way when others obviously don't use full length mirrors.

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