Natural Gas Grill Quick Connect Hose question

mapletreeMay 6, 2008

I recently purchased a new home and have purchased a NG grill that came with a gray plastic\rubber extension hose and a quick connect coupling. When I connected the grill I found that the shut off valve for the grill line was left on by the previous owner while the quick connect end was just closed while no appliance was connected. My question is do I need to disconnect the hose after each time I use the grill or is it ok to leave connected for the whole season? Also the hose is in direct sunlight at times during the day. Does this pose any danger since it has gas in it?

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I've used the quick connect connection on my Weber NG grills for years; the last flexible hose connection survived the hash FL environment for 10 years without a problem. As you discovered the connector is designed to shutoff the gas supply if removed from its mate. I rarely remove mine and it is in an enclosed patio where children are not present so I even leave the gas supply on most of the time; however, most will recommend turning off a physical gas valve between uses for the most safe operation just like you would with an LP tank.

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Where is the shut-off valve? Why not just leave the hose connected and use the shut-off valve? (Of course, if it's inside, this doesn't help you at all).

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The shut off valve is outside near the gas meter. It seems like the valve is seazed since I can't turn it with my hand.

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