No lava rocks? Oh the shame!!!

magnoliasouthMay 26, 2011

I am very upset. After looking all over I was unable to find a gas grill with lava rocks in my area. I have a sinking feeling that these no-lava-rock grills have as much flavor as oven broiling it.

The thing that worries me even more is the constant use of the gas. Who in their right mind came up with this idea? Talk about non-eco friendly! I am sick to death of safety paranoia.

Okay so I have two questions:

1. Is there a brilliant way I can conserve the gas when in use?

2. If anyone has a no-lava-rock grill and has tried wood chips, how did that work for you?

I am just so upset. I was tempted just to go with a charcoal grill, but... I thought I'd give this a whirl anyway.

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1.. Why is gas non-eco friendly? It seams to burn very clean. Why conserve it? It makes heat, use it too cook your food and then turn it off.
2. Lava rocks are gross. They get all mucked up with grease and dirt.
3. Moistened wood chips will make smoke when placed in your gas grill regardless if you lay them on top of your lava rocks or flavorizer bars. If you like that sort of thing, the wood chips should work just fine. If not you can use it for mulch.

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1. moisten/soak your wood chips.
2. take a sheet of aluminum foil and place chips on foil.
3. wrap chips up in foil, puncture foil with knife several times.
4. toss foil pack onto grill grates.

smoke ensues.

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