Can anyone suggest a moisturizer?

shelendeJanuary 14, 2006

I have been using Loreal products and wonder if anyone knows anything really good that is moderately priced. I need something for mature skin.

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I definitely have mature skin :-) and I like Neutrogena oil free moisture for sensitive skin. Many other products make my eyes water, but not this one.

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I also have mature skin and can only use Erno Laszlo products - older formulations that contain emu oil. My skin has always been dry, dehydrated, very thin, PPP and I suffer from rosacea. And just to make things better, I have a serious problem with most botanicals, all acids - suffer from ragweed and am allergic to anti-histamine. I also don't have a Plan B cream and Laszlo isn't sold in Ontario any longer. I have to order from New York. What you might do is see if you can find a good hydrating serum and then top that with a good moisturizer. I have done this since I was 26 - so for 29 years and it has really helped. If you get irritation from a moisturizer with a combined SPF, you might try a standalone sunscreen - I have to do this. And watch they eye products - especially if you have ragweed. Laszlo is not cheap, but a little goes a long way (okay it helps if you don't have desert skin as I do). Some people think the price point is similar to Sisley or LaMer - not even close if you watch what you are buying.

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Does age 46 count as mature?

I read Paula Begoun's 'Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me' books. She goes through most of the products ingredient by ingredient and is a consumer advocate/educator for beauty care. In other words, you don't have to pay $$$ to get results. She also has a hair care book.

Based on her recommendation, I use Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion, SPF 30. I like the pump. My local stores don't carry it, so I've ordered it on Amazon.

You can look at some of Begoun's stuff on Cosmetics Cop, link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Begoun's books

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Eccentric, I don't know where I could buy Erno Laszlo products. Do they sell it at Ulta or Sephora?
Jessyf, Do you like Eucerin better than what you used before? It might be too watery if it comes from a pump.

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I like Paula Begoun's recommendations too. From her website a downloaded a list of the products she likes which are available at drugstores.

I don't know if you are looking for daytime or nighttime, but here are a few she recommends:

Cetaphil Nighttime Facial moisturizer with retinol
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-wrinkle cream with retinol
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with 8 percent or 5 percent glycolic acid
Neutrogena Visibly Even Moisturizer SPF 15 or 20
Newutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer SPF 20

She also recommends Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick at Walgreens or Walmart

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I like the Nivea Q10 line of skin products. They leave my skin looking and feeling very soft. I like the body skin firming lotion. My skin is velvety.

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shelly - If you go to and hit the retails key it will show you map where you can search for a brick store and also e-tailers. Since I can't buy Laszlo in Toronto, I order it from Saks, NY - CM has sold line for 35 years and is excellent. It is best if a specialist "clocks" your skin. Laszlo is not sold in drugstores or at Sephora though. I have very weird skin - wish I could use a couple fo drugstore products - although I do love and use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream -unscented of course - and I add almond oil to unscented drug store body lotion. Guess it is a good thing I am so acidic and also can't use the new fangled retinold/acid products - since most m/u changes on me, just have one l/s, blush, e/s quad and no perfume. Helps spread the Cdn. $$. Cetaphil etc. are way to drying for me. Years ago I did use some Nivea products but at the time the products sold in Canada were manufactured in Europe - big difference over those now made in Mexico. I have a couple of tin cans that I bought in Italy last year. In Canada, many of the dept. store lines are being sold in drugstores (Lancome, Orlane, Arden, Dior etc.) - but not Lauder or Mac or Laszlo. Has hit dept. store business hard. Hope you find something that works for you. I don't even have a Plan B for Laszlo which is bad.

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Hi Shelly2
Avon's has a good line of moisturizers and skin care regimens, which are very effective.
For all over body usage : 1>For mild to medium dry skin, also suggest Avon's Skin so soft lotions, which are effective.
2>For dry skin: Avon's Moisture therapy is great, non-greasy, yet retains moisture for at least 8 hours in my experience.
i use it regularly and have not had problems as with other moisturizers
For Facial moisturizers, try the Moisture 24, or Replenish lines or Hydrofirming line for mature skin at Avon. They work very well as moisturizers as well as to even out skin texture.
Good luck!! :-)

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My dermatologist recommends Aveeno very highly. She says Oil of Olay is good too. She told me to avoid Clinique (the yellow stuff) that I had been using for years!!

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I love Aveeno...has soy in it...I love the look it gives my skin.

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janetwilson - I wonder if your doctor told you to avoid the Clinique DDML (yellow) because of the lactic acid. I can't tolerate any acids and a lady in my former office used it all the time. I thought she had rosacea (I do) - nope - it was the DDML! I fixed her up.

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