Super hot gas grill?

Scott F SmithMay 29, 2007

Hi I need a new grill. I use my current grill for BBQ but also for coffee roasting and pizza. For the latter two applications I need hot grill, particularly for the pizza which is best at 950F or thereabouts. So far all I have found that will get super hot is the Fire Magic brand of grills which advertise temps to 1200F. But they are very expensive. Any other ideas? I also looked into these high-BTU grills made by Lowes but they sound like they have major quality issues. Some of the infrared grills also get hot but I don't know if the enclosures are meant to be run so hot - for example the Solaire instructions say you must not close the grill top if you are running it at more than half power. I don't want to close the thing to get hot and then have it melt down on me!


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My sear grill says to keep the top up, but it grills at 1600 degrees.

I would look for a gas grill with regular burners plus a sear zone. Those should get very hot with the ability to close the lid.

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You might want to look at the Big Green Egg. It doesn't get quite as hot as you're saying, but lots of people use it to bake pizzas. You might want to do a search on google and read some about it. It's a lump charcoal grill. People say it taste like you cooked your pizza in a wood fired oven. It's a big ceramic egg shaped grill. It holds temps very well. I bought one a few weeks ago, and I love it, but I haven't done a pizza on it yet. There is a big green egg forum if you do the google search it'll probably come up.

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1600 degrees? That's serious heat. I have a Members Mark that I just rebuilt. I took the regulator off and changed it out for an adjustable high output one. This thing sounds like a grill on steroids.... It hit 600 degrees in a short time but was difficult to control or get the heat back down without turning off 2 burners.I'm going be changing the regulator back to the "stock" one.

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Scott F Smith

I ended up getting a Fire Magic grill, ridiculous rip-off price but it does get hot. I found I had to plug part of the vent in the top to get it really hot, with that plugged I can hit 1000F. Thats about all you need for pizza..


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some aluminum alloys have a melting point as low as 950 deg F. The aluminum grill firebox will not get quite as hot as the actual grilling surface, but still... you wont get much over 1000 before having problems with the aluminum softening and collapsing.

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Scott F Smith

Not if you get a Fire Magic -- the factory techs told me there were no problems with getting the grill to 1000F, it was built to take it. I am pretty sure the firebox is stainless steel on it. I do think that most of the grills made today will not work very long at these higher temps.


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