Natural gas line connection to grill

RaksterMay 15, 2014

I want to get a natural gas grill, and this is what my outside line looks like(picture attached). Do I need anything else other than the grill to connect it? Any advice on grills? Everyone is saying Weber, but someone said their newest grills don't live up to their old standards, and Broil King is good. Not sure what to do. Any advice is appreciated.

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That looks like my hook up. I've got a Ducane Affinity and I've been very happy with it. It gets hotter faster than my weber used to and temps get higher overall. Mine has four burners and is a pretty solid grill at a lower price point than the weber genesis.

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You'll want a shut off valve and a quick disconnect fitting. You can find flexible 10' hoses that have a quick-disconnect on one end to connect to the valve at the house and the other end connects to your grill.

Some grills come with them included. With other you have to buy it on your own.

There is a box called the "Gas Plug" that you could use. It will connect to that pipe on the side of your house. The Gas Plug has an ON/OFF valve, the valve has a cam action on it so the quick disconnect can only be disconnected if the valve is in the OFF position.

Whenever a mobile gas grill is connected to a permanent supply line, it's a good idea to anchor the grill so it can't move/disconnect (wind storm?) and cause a leak.

Other code restrictions may apply. I'm not terribly familiar with natural gas codes as I live in oil heat and propane grill country.

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