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waypointMay 16, 2002

Ok, I want to talk about what the heating temperatures should be for this grill. I finally got enough gas pressure and flame to get it hot. I tested it the other night and got 525 deg F on the three main burners at max for 15 mins.

What is the normal temp it should be grilling at? and how fast should the grill get hot? I've looked around here and I believer Alec at Komar is the only one that has put the temp rates in writing.

BTW, I'm very very impressed with this grill. I can wait to get all the kinks out of it. So I can continue with my built in project of bricking the grill.

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FWIW, I just tested this last night also.

With the propane tank almost empty and running all three main burners on high, the hood thermometor hit 550 degrees after about 18 minutes. I don't have a thermometer that measures the cooking grate temperature.

I opened the lid, oiled the middle grate, slapped a couple of tuna steaks on the grill, shut the lid and turned off the left and right burner. The hood thermometer had dropped to 450 degrees in the 60 seconds I had the lid opened. Temps remained at 450 degrees for the few minutes it took to cook the tuna steaks.


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