natural hair dye needed for cancer survivor

janetsgirlJanuary 19, 2006

My mom has just finished going through chemotherapy and is in remission. Since she can't use a regular chemical hair dye for two months, she's wanting to cover her white hair with a natural hair dye. Does anyone know of anything that really works? Her doctor is interested in helping other patients as well.

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Henna leaps to mind and I googled this site with "natural hair dye" and there are others as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Try here.

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Henna-based haircolor can be found in Indian grocery stores or online - a friend of mine swears by them but I've never tried.

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Janet's girl....been there done that....but I had no hair to dye for several months.
I don't understand why her Dr doesn't want her to use a regular hair dye? And also wondering what sort of chemo she had that didn't cause her to lose her hair....but is something that makes the Dr tell her not to use chemical hair colors?
When my hair started to grow back, my beautitian tald me "The dr. Won't want you to color your hair for a while" I asked my oncologist, and he laughed in my face!!...Told me to color my hair, by all means!! After what I had been pumping into my veins, anything that may be absorbed through my scalp was not a big deal!
Linda C

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