BBQ Acessories, must have

DarkmenaceMay 8, 2002

Well it be $200 or $800 grills there are a hand full of accessories that make cooking out a pleasure, which have you found most useful? With me a good set of stainless BBQ Tools in a plastic case is a much better choice then the wooden long handle ones of old. I also found a good pair of gloves that fit over your fore arms is also a good accessory like the sunbeam Heavy Duty Leather Mitts which I found for $4.99 at a local discount store. I haven't tried any of the Digital meat probe Thermometer things yet but I do have one of the electronic Thermometer forks which seams to be accurate. Haven't got the smoker box right yet but wondering if the flavor woods really make a difference. I don't see any big smoke coming from the grill when i used a smoker box last time. I have used Mesquite, Hickory, Cherry & Apple also have another wood but don't remember it's name.

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Hi, you mentioned several excellent accessories in your post. BBQng, like any other task, can go much smoother and easier if one is equipped with sufficient tools. I don't profess to be an expert, but I have been grilling and smoking meat for the past 10-12 years, and have picked up a lot of good tips here and there. Regarding your question aboout whether the flavored woods do any good, plus your inability to produce decent smoke,what kind of cooker do you have? It would help to know before attempting to answer your questions. Thanks. Mike

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Sunbeam grill and i'm using them small cast iron smoker box you can buy for gas grills. This year i got 2 of them and was wondering if it's better to soak the wood in something other than water?

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