Members Mark Y0660 Cover

wmikeMay 19, 2002

I am having trouble finding a nice cover for my Members Mark Y0660 grill that I bought at Sam's Club. Any info would be great.

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The only place I found a cover large enough is direct from the Sams customer service number in the manual(which is Grand Hall). Their number is 800-770-9769. All the other grill covers I've seen are not wide enough (26.2 inches). The price is $45.00 plus about $12.00 S&H. I thought that was high until I saw prices of other "large" covers.

Unfortunately, the YO660 covers are on backorder. I was told they will ship in July. I'll have to fabricate a makeshift cover from a tarp and velcro until then. If you find a quality cover that will fit the 52x26x49 YO660 grill let us know...

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Thanks gill n ga for the reply. After my post I to found out about Grand Hall and what you said about the covers being out of stock to July. If I find another cover I will post it.

Has anyone bought one of the Grand Hall covers and if so what do you think of it. I understand they are plastic and wasn't sure of the quality.

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Some guy said he got a great vinyl cover at Home Depot for $20 for his MM grill and it was much better than the cover that came with the MM grill.

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Just to let everyone know. I had ordered the cover a few weeks back and at that time they told me they were backordered until July. Well it magically showed up on Monday and is really nice. The cover is black and contoured to fit the grill completely to the base of the grill.

Total price was around $56.00, I believe.

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If it is the one that originally came with the grill, I hated mine. It has a flannel like interior covering and it snags on all the corners and screws it comes into contact with. Also, after it rains, there is water on top of the grill. I don't know if it leaks at the seams or if it is just condensation. I bought one from Lowes, but it isn't a great fit. It should be more than 21 in wide, but it does cover. It breaths and keeps water off much better than the original. My husband uses the original one to cover his lawn mower.

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No there was no cover that came with te BBQ. Don't know if we are talking about the same grill. This is for the larger Member's Mark grill that just came out at Sam's Club and retails for $1499. The cover for this grill is a special order item. It is not flannel lined but is pretty heavy duty and does not seem to snag. Overall it seems like a pretty decent cover.

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You are right. I was talking about the smaller grill from Sams.

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