Tip for healthier, thicker and stronger hair

michelle_phxazJanuary 14, 2011

I started eating from the salad bar at work, and every day they have Jello. I take several scoops of the Jello, and I have noticed after a month that I can no longer use bobby pins to hold my twisty bun in place, my hair is much thicker and fuller.

I did have good hair to start, but I am sort of frustrated because I like my twisty bun!

At any rate, if you don't eat Jello daily you can get gelatin in packets at the grocery store. I would make a cup of boiling tea, add sugar and then the gelatin. Stir quickly and drink the tea fairly quickly so the gelatin doesn't set up in a gelatinout manor.

I look forward to hearing from every one if you choose to post your results.

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Interesting. I've always heard that gelatin is good for your nails and hair.

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