medallion gas grill? (or another brand)

gma_jMay 6, 2002

We were shopping for a new gas grill yesterday and saw the Medallian gas grill at Home Depot. We had never heard of the brand but were impressed with it. We came home and thought we would do a little research on it before purchasing. Is anyone familiar with the Medallion grills or have a gas grill they just love? Thanks

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The Medallion Grill is a private labeled product made by CFM Harris, They are a division of Vermont Castings. The grill has some great features and is essentially using the same components as the VC-75, only without a back burner.They also have there own tech support line so you don't have to call Home Depot if you have any problems or questions.

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I recently purchased the larger model from Home Depot and this thing is awesome. I compared it alot to the Members Mark at Sams and there is no comparison. This is a high end grill at an affordable level. I love it.

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Does anyone know where (web site, etc.) to find replacement parts for Medallion gas grills? I need a replacement ignitor.


Gary H.

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