Tips on using smoker tray on large MM YO660

grill_n_gaMay 24, 2002

Question for those owners of the Sams Club large MM YO660 grill. How to use the smoker tray?

Before the YO660, I used a cast iron wood smoker box on my old 2 burner grill. You put the box right down on the grate above your burner, (no controlling the heat). It would smoke in 10 minutes. Smoke volume would be huge as the chips would burn. They would eventually catch fire and turn to cinders. I am sure this is NOT the way to "properly" use smoke (it smoked so much my clothes smelled like I was grilled too!)

With the YO660, I soaked mesquite chips for about an hour. Then filled the tray full (perhaps too full?). The Grill was heated to about 500. I lit the smoker tray and waited 10 more minutes (like I've done on my old grill. I seared the salmon and tuna on both sides (WOW, what a GREAT job...those heavy solid SS grates are first class!). I then turned the middle burner off and cooked the fish indirect at about 425. We also did baked potatoes and Vidalia onions (we live in Georgia). During the grilling process (20 to 30 minutes) there was no smoke. The chips did dry out and were hot, but not burning. The smoker tray burner appeared to be working properly and the smoker tray was quite hot. After 45 minutes there was still NO visible smoke. You could detect a faint mesquite smell, but not what I've been used to. The fish was cooked wonderfully...but I could not detect much mesquite flavoring.

Obviously I am not used to the professional grill method of smoking food.

How is the smoker tray working for you? Is the quantity and chip size the key? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Had the same problem the other night with grill. I think next time I want soak the chips and see if they smoke better.

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Thanks for your reply.

I got mine to smoke much better this weekend. My problem was filling the tray too full of chips. When I just covered the bottom of the tray, it smoked much better. Soaking is important...otherwise the chips simply burn up in no time.

Any tips on cleaning the grates, especially that little back ledge that the grates rest on? That seems to get baked on and is pretty tough to clean.

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You can get a stainless bristled wire brush in the grill accessories section of Home Depot for about $6.00 or so. It has a scrubby type thing on the other side. Get your grill as hot as possible, dip the brush in a small pail of water and use the brush portion on the grated and the scrubby portion on the ledge. The steam and scrubbing removes most of your burned on crud.

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Thanks for the tip! I've seen that brush at HD. The scrubby portion looks like a scotchbite pad (a tough abrasive nylon "steel wool" type material). The only question I have is high heat. To scrub the stainless steel ledge that the grates sit on with the grill really hot, won't the scrubby material melt, or stick to the hot metal surface?

I also noticed that you recommend using only use water. Has that proven strong enough for you? My grill is brand new so there's not much accumulations of burned on crud but it still takes plenty of elbow grease to clean baked on oils, etc.

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Grill n ga,
The key is getting your grill as hot as possible and leaving it like that for a few minutes.....then, dip the brush or scotchbrite pad thing in water and scrub. The steam is what is cleaning it.
I used to cook in a restaurant when I was a kid, we cleaned hot grill with a cup of cold seltzer water, it got the grill spotless.

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