Terrible ugly haircut!! Please read

coolmamaJanuary 11, 2007

It is just too short then I'd like. I have enough to put in a very tiny stub of a ponytail (with the help of bobby pins)

And I was wondering how many of you think it's ugly or tacky to wear those ponytail hair pieces they sell so many places now?

I'd like to wear one for a couple months until my hair grows more...but wouldnt if alot of people would point me out and say "she has fake hair on".

My mom wears them all the time just for fun.Any of your guys ever wear them?

They are hair that you attach to your ponytail that makes it look like your hair is longer.

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Never mind,I found a way of styling my hair so it doesnt look so bad.Also,I'm wear the ponytail thing every now and then just for fun.

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Coolmama, I love those ponytails. I have very thin hair and when I wear it in a ponytail, it looks too skinny so I plump it up with a fake ponytail. It looks great and people constanly tell me how nice my hair looks like that.

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I wore one out today shaun and actually got some nice looks from people.I dont think anyone knew it was fake.
It has boosted my confidence since my hair is shorter then I'd like right now.
Next I'm thinking about "CLIP IN" extensions...dont think I could ever do real extensions though.

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