New Member Mark Y0660

wmikeMay 23, 2002

I've a lot of debate on MM and Virco grills. I personal think that the Virco is the better value because the amount of stainless steel in the unit compared to the MM. I haven't heard anybody debate the Member Mark Y0660 grill that I think that is far better for the money. It is a all stainless steel grill with exception of the cast iron ceramic covered burners and the ceramic rear burner. It has double wall doors, drawers and sides in the base. It has pull out drawer in the base for the gas bottle. The lid is also double wall and it has a brass side burner. The price is a bit more at $1499.98 but for what you get I think its a no brainer its a better buy.

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From what I can tell the Virco has all of the features you just mentioned plus a better cover (thicker), skirted bottom made of stainless to hide the casters, thicker and heavier rotisserie, and seems to be constructed better. I will say though that the larger MM does have the forth burner just for the wood chip smoker box and includes that same box. I do like the slide out shelf for the LP bottle, I am not sure if the Virco has that feature or not but it is enclosed like the MM. The MM is a little larger than the Virco as well. I personally feel that the Virco for $700.00 less is by far the better deal over the larger MM. I just can't see paying that much more for the forth burner, a slide out shelf (especially when I am going to convert to NG) and a little larger grill. Speaking of which, Virco offers an NG conversion kit right from the factory which replaces the valve assembly and orifices. Only other thing that is needed is a standard NG regulator. What I like about that is no guesswork, and later if I want to run LP, I can easily convert it back since I didn't drill anything. It may seem menial but I kind of like the versatility in case I move and don't have NG on the patio right away or for whatever reason. Also because the conversion kit is readily available from the factory, it does not void the warranty (Unlike MM). As far as the burners go, all of research I have done (and others it seems) reveal that the really high end grill manufacturers all use SS for the burners. So there must be something to that, plus they are warranteed for five years from Virco, not 1 like MM. It also seems to me that the ceramic flame tamers in the MM would absorb grease drippings from the food, which would eventually add to potential flareups, unlike the ss ones on the Virco. I haven't heard much feedback on the casters or ignitor buttons on the larger MM, but if they are like the smaller MM, then there might be cause for concern, not sure. Just my thoughts based on what I have seen over the past 3 weeks or so of comparing these models. Don't have either one yet, but am getting the Virco Friday, can't wait! Good luck on your decision.


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The DCS brand stainless grills all use ss tube burners.

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Just purchased this grill over the weekend at my Sam's Club out here in So. California and am extremely happy with it. Was originally looking at the Viking and Lynx grills but at 1/4 the cost this grill is every bit as nice as the Viking. The hardest part of the install was finding 5 guys to get it off the back of my pick-up. It has to weigh close to 500 lbs! Fired it up and cooked some ribs last night and it worked great. Used the built in smoker tray with some mesquite chips which is a great feature. I looked at the Virco but for me the grill was not big enough and did not have the smoker tray. Also I am eventually planning on building the unit in and this should be easy to do with this unit.

Feature for feature this is a really nice and well built unit and is double walled stainless everywhere with extra heavy stainless grates. Would not hesitate to recommend it if you want a Big grill.

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It would be great if you or someone could post a picture. How much bigger is this grill than the $599 unit? What about the assembly (did you put it together, welded, screwed, etc..). Is it all Stainless steel? How similar/disimilar to their less expensive unit?


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I'll try and post a picture of my grill tomorrow but I did compare both the Virco and the smaller and larger model of the Member's Mark before purchasing. I would say that if you want a smaller grill and don't mind not having a built in smoker box and extra burner then go with the Virco. For me, I wanted a grill that I could easily build in later and that was comparable in size and quality to the Viking and DCS units I had been looking at for comparison. I really had no idea that this grill was as nice as it is. My wife had originally spotted it and told me to go look at it. I was very skeptical because first off it was at Sam's Club (no offense) and second for the price, $1,499.00, I figured it could not compare with the high end units I had been looking at for around $5000.

After seeing the unit and thoroughly checking it out I was proven wrong. It is solid double walled stainless throughout (drawers, cart, lid and cooking grates) and looks similar to the Virco unit only larger. I would say aside from size the other differences are that the lid is double walled stainless throughout and will probably not discolor from heat as easily. There is a seperate burner for the smoker box and this burner is stainless also. The remaining burners are heavy porcelain coated cast iron and appear very well made. There are two central pull out drawers on ball bearing glides and a seperate door on both the right and left of the drawers with the right door containing a paper towel holder and spice rack. The propane tank is fully enclosed on the left and is on a locking pull out slide. There is a seperate brass side burner and a rotissere with a steel encased motor unit that I haven't tried yet. There are also two stainless side shelves on each side that fold up and lock.

The unit is for the most part, welded and comes fully assembled on a steel pallet that was forklifted on the back of my pick up. It weighs about 450 lbs and you'll need at least 4 strong friends to help you unload it!

That's the long version and again I am very happy with it so far and would encourage you to go and look at each of the units for comparison. The Virco is a really nice unit and I know it's been beat to death already on this board but between the smaller Member's Mark and the Virco, I would have probably gone with the Virco. For me, I wanted a bit bigger grill with the built in smoker unit and something that I could build in later on and was willing to spend the extra money.

Good luck!

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Sounds like an excellent value. I wonder if it is made by the same company as the smaller MM, as it sounds very different in how it is put together?

OEM unit from another manufacturer? Was it made in Taiwan by any chance?


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I am very happy with my Y0660 and would be glad to post a picture if some would tell me how.

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Yes the unit is manufactured by Grand Hall Company. That is probably the primary reason that it is so cheap in that it is manufactured with foreign steel and made in China as is the Virco unit I believe. I know I'd rather have purchased a U.S. manufactured product but I was willing to be a hypocrite to get this grill.

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I bought the Virco, could not be more pleased. Actually the Virco unit is made in Taiwan. Their quality, fit & finish and craftsmanship is much better than the Chinese'. Besides, I can't see giving the Chinese any of my money (At lease not on purpose), considering the current political situation. bsbbq

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Ok. Since we are getting technical. Went back out and looked at the label. The YO660 is made in Taipei, Taiwan, probably right next door to the Virco. You are still giving your money to the Chinese though as I am sure the steel for all these units probably originates from mainland China or maybe Korea or some other Asian country. Still like my American BBQ ribs and steaks though. I know the cows are American.

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Hi lgbstew!

Do you still have the Y0660 Grill and if so how did it hold up?

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