What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

sarahmakes6January 29, 2005

Some friends and I have of late been discussing whether or not we feel beautiful and what makes us feel that way. I've found that it's hard to use that word in connection to myself. Some of the women I'm talking to don't ever feel beautiful, which is sad. I've been trying to pay attention to those moments and learn a little more about myself.

So I'm curious, when do you feel beautiful and what makes you feel that way?

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Making love with my husband is number one
Dancing with my husband is next and in long away third place is freshly washed hair and the smell of my favorite soap.

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A "good hair" day!

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Some days it comes from within; but I have to admit that looking my best is key and the older I get , the more fussing I have to do...

I have to agree with dayenu, feeling loved and appreciated and close to someone helps with the feeling....

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:) my husband gets that look in his eyes at the oddest times- when I'm up to my elbows in dishwater, or up to my knees in snow or mud, when I've got cobwebs in my hair- and it's so against what is 'supposed' to be attractive that we sat down and one day figured it out- he told me it was the look of triumph on my face. the effect of that's been strange- but good. now, my cure for the blahs is to go sink myself into something icky- and with this old house, there's plenty of that yet to do!

on my own- I'm at my best having just returned from a nature hike, or at the end of the first set when I go out to see a friend's band (or the dead, or half a dozen other acts) and have danced until I fall down.

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I have been told on a few occaisions, that I am beautiful, on the inside....:) I was a very unattractive teenager. I think that that imagine of yourself that you form in your adolescent years stays with you...maybe forever....although I have been considered attractive as an adult, I still can't shake the "ugly" self-image....I don't think I'll ever be able to look in the mirror and see what's really there...it's always going to be influenced by other factors.....Sorry for the weird musings:))) I think what made me feel beautiful, lately, was the company Christmas party:))) I bought a beautiful outfit, got a great haircut, did my hair and make-up (something I never do when I go to work:)it was great to have my husband beaming and get looks like "you clean up pretty good!" from my (mostly male ) coworkers. That was fun. That said, when my husband (whom I have been with for 20 years) gets that look in his eyes.....(But I still chalk it up to the fact that I'm a good Mom and I can cook)....That's got to be the best feeling in the world! I like to get dressed up, make-up and all, just for him and have a night on the town.....

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Having a wonderful intelligent conversation with someone I care about.

Being flirted with(tastefully).

Being complimented on my smile or my sense of humor or my brains.

Wearing my favorite perfume.

Snuggling next to my husband.


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When my 11 year old grandaughter (who has the most beautiful long, luxurious, wavy blond hair) runs her fingers through my thin, curly, short, brown/gray hair and says "oh, I love your hair, I wish I had your hair".

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Woodie, how sweet.

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When my DH introduces me to a person I have never met as his "beautiful bride".

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awwwwwwww that's sweet!

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Molten Lava Cakes.

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LOL Jessy! Yeah I can see that!

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Jessy! hahahah!!!

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Jessy, what are you doing here!

Folks, ever since I gained an extra twenty pounds nothing makes me feel beautiful. My husband shows he loves me in a million ways, but a few extra pounds ruins it all and I can't seem to loose any of it. Of course 28 cortisone shots didn't help!

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