Garnier Nutrisse haircolor - choosing darker shade

capeapeJanuary 27, 2009

Hello! Hoping someone can help me as I am clueless!

I have been using Garnier Nutrisse #82 - Champagne Blonde for a few years with GREAT results. I don't know what tone it is, ash, golden, natural, neutral? I tried researching it with no success. I don't know how to tell if any of the colors are ash, golden unless they say it on the box, which most don't.

For winter, I would like to go a little bit darker. I've tried several over the past two years and I seem to either come out too red or too green. I am dying my hair about 1x month or so.

#82 - Champagne Blonde - Great, for summer.

#80 - Medium Natural Blonde (Butternut) at some point was too reddish for me

#72 - Dark Beige Blonde (Sweet Latte), just tried for the 1st time yesterday... I'm seeing green.

#70 - Dark Natural Blonde (almond Creme)... can't remember, I think this was too reddish.

Again, I don't know what TONE #82 Champagne Blonde is but I like it... and I just want a darker version of it.


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The champagne blond should be a neutral
Medium natural blond is a golden
and the Dark beige is ash
Sounds like your hair is probably also porous due to the monthly colorings. That will cause it to "grab" the color. I thought the Garnier Nutrisse colors were a permanent hair color...? If they are and you want to color monthly why not try temporary rinses? They will not be so damaging to your hair. It just scares me because I've seen women that color their hair so often that is breaks off and gets thin. Are you using any deep conditioners?
I don't know why you are coloring but I hightlight mine myself to blend in my grey and it works-looks natural and I just touch up my root so my hair doesn't get damaged.
Hope that gives you some ideas.

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i always thought the champagne blondes were a really light ashy blond----with no golden tones at all.... i have tended to find the garnier colors to all tint more golden than the loreal colors.... how about trying the preference light ash blond???? that might be more along the lines of what you're looking for? i'm no expert, but have colored my hair for quite a few years now and have tried many colors!

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There's a phone number on the box to speak to a Garnier color consultant, 1-800-4GARNIER (1-800-442-7643).

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Can you recommend a temporary rinse brand ? My hair is mousy brown/dirty blonde, with the front mostly grey. I also used to have it highlighted ( with lowlights), but stopped due to expense.

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Clairol's Natural Instincts are semi-permanent rinses. Should last a few weeks.

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