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impatientgardenerJanuary 5, 2007

I recently bought a 100% cashmere sweater - the first one I've owned! I've worn it only 3 times, but I think even after the first time I wore it, little fuzzballs began to form, like under the arms. Is this normal for cashmere? I thought because it was so expensive, cashmere wouldn't do that? I'm very disillusioned!!!

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Pilling should be minimal in a good quality garment. There will still be some pilling. Check out this site and scroll down to the pilling info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cashmere

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Same thing happened to me. Mine is a Calvin Klein cashmere sweater. I was so disappointed.

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Dear Impatient Gardener and Shaun,
That is frustrating and I just had to offer some advice... I'm lucky enough to own loads of cashmere and have, through trial and error, worked out the best way to wash it. Always handwash in tepid (or even cold) water. Never dry clean (unless with a specialist cashmere cleaners). I've also found it's best to use a cashmere wash and recommend the one I've added a link to below from Pure Collection. For the bobbly areas you could try a Cashmere comb (there's one on the Pure Collection website). Hope this helps! Once you follow these simple guidelines you can't go wrong! I've had most of my jumpers years and they still look brand new despite loads of wear (especially in the early evening while sitting in my garden!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Pure Collection cashmere wash

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.... just realised you said it bobbled after wearing only once! This definitely isn't normal. I wonder if the garment you bought really is real cashmere? it doesn't sound like it because real cashmere definitely shouldn't pill. Many of the high street shops sell jumpers advertised as 100% cashmere but they're not! Be very wary and only choose cashmere from specialist cashmere companies - that's my advice for what it's worth. Good luck!

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I once also owned a very expensive white cashmere sweater from I. Magnum (don't even think that this company exists anymore). Anyway, It was a biotch to have it dry cleaned all the time; however I did.

Then, I moved to the Philippines, where I did absoutely NOTHING all day, except lunch, read and swim -- major BORING. My two maids did everything - from yard work to cleaning the pool and everything in-between.

Then after returning from a trip to New York in January, where I wore that sweater constantly, they unpacked for me, and did my wash -- They washed my beloved cashmere sweater in hot water with a large (approximately 8" long bar of laundry soap) that they always used.

OMG, they were so embarrassed to show me what had happened to it. It had skrunk so much, it would have fit a 1 year old. I wasn't mad, just incredibly shocked -- it was sooo tiny.

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