Need help identifying this Casserole dish

KathrynBLJune 19, 2012

I have a Royal Semi-Porcelain covered casserole dish by Johnson Bros. England. It has the stamp as well as a Pat. date July 27/93 and a Rd (the d is little) Number on the bottom. I am finding conflicting information online. One site said that since if it has the rd number, it was between like the 1840s and the 1880's, Another site showed that the stamp mine has was used in the 1900+ (but before 1913). I will post another forum with the bottom of the dish. I can't find anything like it online. I went on and they do not list the Rd. No. or anything similar. Any help identifying their age and worth would be much appreciated. I have a matching one as well with a different colored stamp and no numbers or dates. I am really intrigued. They look beautiful in my china hutch! :-)

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The British triangle registration mark was between 1845 and 1883....
Then they went to just the Rd number.
The site linked below shows how to date by the number.
Nice dish!!!!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Registry numbers.

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Thanks for the link! This is helpful! I love it and I have a matching one that must be not as old - no triangle or dates / rd. no - just a stamp.

This is the bottom of the one pictured. So if my rd number is 208597 and the date says July 27/93, is it safe to say this is 1893? Any idea how to find out the value? I know very little about this stuff. Thank God for the internet!

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According to the table I linked, your dish was made in 1893.
The patent date doesn't mean much...only when the design was patented....could have been made long after it was ptaented.
It's not a "casserole"....don't try to bake in's a covered serving dish.
As for "value"...look at completed sales on ebay for "white china covered serving dish"...or white semi porcelain covered bowl...
At a shop or sale where shipping wasn't a consideration on price, I would say you could get $50 for that dish.
Linda c

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Linda, Thank you so much for responding and for the feedback. Sorry for the alarm. I wouldn't dream of baking with it. Another woman told me it was a casserole serving dish. :-)
Thanks again!

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