Pedestal Sink

PolAmerWoman28June 12, 2013

I have a pedestal sink that I'm trying to determine it's value.

Under the sink are the words ROBINSON and MADE IN THE U S A.

Does anyone know anything about the sink or know who I could contact to find out about it?

It looks very much like a 1930 Kohler sink except the faucet holes on this sink are much closer to the center.

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Where did you get it - what is your best estimate on age?

Because of the weight and fragility, your best market is local restoring projects, via craigslist.

Your competition is modern sinks with a vintage look, so you have to price close to them.

Make sure a modern faucet set can fit the holes, and that the drain hole is not damaged.

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So, you're telling me that this sink is only worth the value of a new pedestal sink. A Kohler sink from 1930 is worth about $800.00 - $900.00 on

The sink came from a house in Erie, PA. It is estimated to be about 100 years. The only damage to the sink is underneath (see pic). Will that hurt the value of the sink?

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Is that rust? Or just staining? If there is no chipping, cracks or rusted metal, it can be ignored.

Yes, that website asks $8-900 for antique Kohler sinks. This is not a Kohler sink, or at least is not a marked Kohler sink, and that site will not pay you $800 for it.

You could try listing it on Craigslist or even for $800 and see what happens.

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We had a sink like that in the upstairs bath of my parents' home, built about 1900. I clearly remember balancing my makeup bottle on the edge of the sink as I got ready for dates.

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There was a "pottery" named Briggs in Robinson, Illinois. It could have been made there -- they made bathroom fixtures. It's closed now.

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Thanks for the info folks. :-)

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My parents bought the house in Peoria, Illinois, to accommodate my addition to the family. I was child #3, and they moved in during May of 1941. They were the 2nd owners of that house, and they never replaced the sink. It was a beautiful, classic sink, much nicer than most pedestal sinks I see today. I liked the rim for holding the toothpaste while brushing my teeth or being able to park my makeup bottles on the edge as I daubed my face with this and that.

I remember as far back as the middle or late 1940s. I hope you see this answer to your questions. Your email would not allow me to reply.

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