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abgardeneerJanuary 27, 2004

This isn't a serious posting, but I've been taking a different form of public transit lately, and consequently, doing a lot of involuntary "people-watching"...

One of the silly, little things that's bugging me (obviously I'm bored!) is the number of people I see wearing clothes on which they've neglected to...

-remove the temporary stitching that holds shut the pleats or vents, after buying the garment, e.g. a rear kick-pleat on a coat, or the vents at the back hem of a man's jacket; perhaps these garments are worn their entire useful lives without the pleats and vents ever being allowed to do what they're supposed to do?

-open up the pockets of a suit jacket, again, stitched shut for display purposes; perhaps folks assume the pockets are "fake" since they seem to be sewn shut?

-remove the very large, visible label that says "95% Wool, 5% Cashmere"! (or whatever) from the wrist of a coat sleeve!

I feel like running around after people with a tiny pair of scissors! .... Whew, it's been a long winter!

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Though I haven't seen any infractions as of late, I hear you AB. One thing that grates my nerves though, and it has nothing to do with beauty or fashion, is seeing countless vehicles motoring around with thise blasted information stickers still affixed to the window. What's that all about???


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I was getting ready for church on Sunday and started to put my jacket on----oops----the pockets were sewn shut----I had never noticed this---thought it was a fake pocket---GUILTY!

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I always leave the pockets sewn shut - I think it improves the line of the piece, as the pocket never shows any gap.

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I like my pockets to be functional - if only for a kleenex or some notes! I could imagine if one carries heavy things in the pockets (e.g. wallet?), one could possibly stretch the fabric or the stitching, but on a reasonably well-made jacket, the pockets shouldn't gap open on their own. Haven't experienced it (and hope I never do.)

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