Framing, insulation, drywall - floor plan attached

member12345December 7, 2012

I'm trying to get a rough estimate for what I should be looking at (L/M) for hiring out the framing, insulation, drywall and windows/door trim for the attached floor plan.

The framing would involve about 121 linear feet of walls at 7' to 7.5' tall (depending on how much we can dig down), with a pocket door opening, a 60" opening for bifold doors, and a 36" door opening. There are also a couple alcoves for the entertainment center and a dresser, and the 'short closet' refers to converting the existing crawl space to a 48" tall closet that starts about 3 feet from the ground.

Drywall would consist of about 905 sq ft of wall space (minus doors and windows), and about 395 sq ft of ceiling space. The joists aren't exactly level (it's a 100 year old house) so furring strips will probably have to be used. There is only one small soffit needed around an air vent, and possibly one more around a 1'x3' air intake box. The only quirky areas for the drywall would be the alcoves, soffit, and side of the stairs (half left open to the living space).

The trim would include the 4 windows, 4 interior/closet doors, 1 entrance door, and base trim of 121 linear feet.

I've seen a wide range of what to expect to pay, but nothing quite like what I've got. Is this a per sq ft/linear ft type of job? Or more of a cost per job? I've had 4 people look at it, one gave an on-the-spot quote of $7500, one is still working up a quote, and I never heard anything back from the other two.

Is this particular job a difficult one or one that people would rather not take on? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Looks straightforward enough to me. Except you will need an egress window for the bedroom/living area. Labour prices are extremely local.

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