Charbroil 'TEC' series bbq

ritamay91710April 10, 2008

Does anyone have one of these?

Thoughts, comments??


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I bought a Tec about one month ago. So far I really like it. IT's versatile and performs very well. I have some doubts as to the durability over the long run but the cheap price compared to more well made items that perform comparably outweighs that doubt for me.

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I like this thing more everytime I use it. The heat you get with the searing grill makes the food taste a lot better. It seals in the juices and chars the outside. The infrared grill is also self-cleaning. Just crank it up and the residue turns to ash. Whatever you get, get an infrared or searing burner with it. I can't hype it enough.

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I took the Tec back. It cooked great but after finding too many posts about grill fires and loose bolts I bolted and bought a Red insted.

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