What Materials to Use for New Basement

amy2202December 20, 2012

I Built a new beach front home on pilings and would like to finish the lower level which is enclosed ( so I guess you would call it the basement).I would like to know what materials I should use on the area at and below flood levels to help eliminate the possibilty of mold growth in the event of a future flood. The first 4 feet are cement block wall with conventional framing above that to the main living area of the home. The home is located in N.J. Here are my thoughts on finishing the lower area:

1. Frame area in front of block wall with pressure treated lumber(2x4 walls)
2. Closed cell spray foam that area of wall
3. Use T-111 for interior of lower wall and drywall for portion above flood level
4. trim seam and all finish trim with pvc type trim material
5. Ceramic tile entire floor

My thought was if I were to ever have a flood similiar to the major flood we just had with superstorm Sandy I will not have to have any fear of mold growth behind the walls.

Fema and flood insurance will not cover any area below flood level

Hoping to get some input from the experts on this site

Thanks in advance

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Mold will tend to develop behind any wall that is not opened up and completely dried out after being flooded. This would include removing all wetted insulation.

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