Owens Corning fomular system

mcnaughtDecember 3, 2006

Does anyone have experience with using this system for the baement walls instead of framing them?

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The OC system has several advantages and disadvantages over traditional framing and drywall:


1. The panels can be removed and replaced with relatively modest effort.
2. It installs quicker than traditional methods because there are no finishes to apply
3. It's a cleaner install because there's less cutting, no drywall dust, etc.


1. It's expensive. My estimate is 25%-50% more than traditional methods.
2. Limited choices of finishes. There's only one color for the wall panels, one or two choices of ceiling tile, and one or two trim colors.
3. To me, the finished walls are reminiscent of an office cubical.
4. The wall panels canÂt be painted to change their color.
5. The wall panels canÂt be repaired if damaged. An individual panel is somewhere around $250.
6. I donÂt know how long OC is planning on staying in the basement business. Will these panels be available in 10 years if one needs to be replaced?

Hope this helps.


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This link is a great source for review, disgusting sales practices, pricing, etc.

Be sure to link on the comments.

Expect to waste up to 4 hours with a sleazy insulting salesman, it seems, who will pretend to call his manager, get a vague, no responsibility contract, not to be able to view an installation, and to be lied to and pressured to sign a contract for up to $70 a SF. Like buying a used car where you're the patsy.

Here is a link that might be useful: customer review

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I should have added that it appears that the OC product is sold by "approved" independent contractors. There service you receive from one may be different than another. Of the two basements I saw one's fit and finish was noticeably better than the other.


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I think I may have mentioned the wrong product name. I am not referring to Owens Cornings ridiculous (in my own opinion) attempt to get into the basement remod business.

I am referring to the 24" x 96" x 1.5" pink styro panels that have a rabbitted edge which accepts a 1 x 3 screwed over it. One can screw drywall over that, or Tyvek and panelling if the building inspector doesn't catch you (you are supposed to put fire-rated over foam products but on a basement wall which has a covering, it is not that big of a deal.

I saw these pink foam 1.5' panels on sale at HD a few years ago but have not seen them since (unless they put them in the back someplace).

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