LG or SAMSUNG front-load washer/dryer?

EdibleTOJanuary 9, 2014

I'm looking to buy an LG or Samsung front-load washer/dryer combo. Any comments on either or both?

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I can't comment specifically about the washers, but I have been in a now 5 month hassle with Samsung over repairs to our FD Fridge. I "was" promised in late Oct a buy back option if "one more repair failed, which it did. Now, they are renegging on it saying it is too far out from the offer. No, the offer was accepted a week after the final repair failed.

So, my suggestion is to be aware that what you are told and supposedly what they are noting in the records may be two different things and that an "offer" to buy back doesn't mean that it would be approved.

It may be the same thing with any other company but I have lost all faith in Samsung products and I will NEVER buy another one of their products, even if its the best price or deal.

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I have the Samsung VRT front loaders. They are maybe 4 years old, tops. I have had the dryer repaired once and the washer repaired once (this week actually, $381). I know they say nothing is built to last anymore, but it's ridiculous.

My repair guy (HH gregg) said that all of them have the same issues, that no brand is really any better than the other. He did say that all modern appliances have electronic boards and that his best advice is to use surge protectors on EVERY appliance, inc washers and dryers.

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My general contractor had an LG front loader. First, the pump went out. Then, the tub (plastic) cracked and started leaking. Less than 3 years old. He replaced the LG with a top loader (not sure but maybe Whirlpool), no problems.

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We had problems with our expensive Samsung units, didn't last 2 years before the problems started.

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We are happy with our Samsung washing machine, but we did our research before we purchased it, and found that most of the problems reported related to the circuit board. As a result of that research, from Day One, we have had an inexpensive Tripp-Lite surge/spike interceptor at the mains outlet where the washing machine plugs in.

Between the LG and the Samsung, the Samsung is the one with the dimpled "Diamond Drum," a design feature that reduces fiber pull-through (and thus fabric wear) in the drum"s drainage holes, and which it shares with only Miele.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tripp-Lite Spikecube

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I loved my Duet. I left it when we sold the previous home.
Our new home had a front loader installed on the second floor of the home. Every load drove me bonkers since the front loader shook the house so I donated the LG and bought a top loader. LOve my LG top loader but really preferred the top loader Duet.

Having moved often I do think appliances are not made to last . It is important that you do check the exhaust system every month for lint build up.
I never buy an unit with all the bells and whistles.

I do know that some air conditioners are made at the same factory so all mechanics are the same but labeled with a different company's name.
I wonder if they do this with washing machines.
I paid 640 for a LG top loader whereas the internet had them for 900 plus. It pays to look around.

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I had my units for four years, The dryer went out last week, the washing machine went out this week. It is rarely used, I dont understand why the sudden breakdown of these expensive units.. Very disappointed.

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We've had our LG top of the line Front loader and matching dryer for over a year... one $150 repair on washer for power switch.

Frontloaders are prone to developing internal black mold. I got the device at washerfan.com and it has proven to be 100% effective - no mold, no odor.

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We've had Samsung front loaders for a few years now, no problems at all, knock on wood. We've been happy with them. It about drove me nuts trying to decide what to get though, everywhere is read reviews, it seemed like everyone hates their washers and dryers.

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Question for everyone, I am very thankful that I found this website. We are in process of choosing between LG vs Samsung Front Load washer. I want to thank you for posting your experience but it would really help me or all of us if you include the model of your particular washer. Thank you.

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Our Samsung top of the line washer did not last even two years before having problems. We are now looking for a set for our new home and haven't decided what brand to go with.

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I am choosing between these brands also, and just came across this blog article recommending Samsung over LG for service reasons:


Samsung also comes in over LG in consumer reports:


I think I'll go for Samsung, though fact is anyone can be lucky or unlucky with these machines...

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If you read their other blog entries... they don't really like Samsung either. They recommend Electrolux/Frigidaire or Whirlpool and frankly I would agree with that. Easier to get parts and tech info for. The best front loader in terms of durability and serviceability is Speed Queen though you give up some capacity, vibration control, affordability, and features. Second best front loader in terms of durability is Miele. They are also expensive but they have better vibration control and more features than Speed Queen. Sadly capacity is not their strong suit either.

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We purchased a Samsung VRT front loader and have had no problems so far for about 6 or 7 years. We got it from Sears and when the 5 year warrantee expired I purchased another 3 year plan. Unlike others here at GW we have had good luck with service from our local sears. When I thought there was something wrong with the soap dispenser of our washer they sent a new one right away. Turned out not to be a problem, just a design that didn't make sense. Our Kenmore refrigerator got routine service annually under warrantee and all has been well. That unit is about 9 years old and I only had to replace a dispenser tray in the ice maker not under warrantee, so I found a local repair shop that would install a new one I bought at Amazon for less than their wholesale cost. I have no experience with LG but the only products that have had mostly positive reviews is their refrigerator. To bad too because some of their stuff looks so sexy.

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