Antique Dressers

kj514May 20, 2011

I would love some help determining how much these antique dressers are worth. I inherited them from my mother and would like to sell them, but I have no idea what to try to sell them for. (2 have mirrors) Here is a link to some pictures.


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I went to your URL and saw only one sideways picture....
Try again to post a picture here, you will get more response.

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Sorry! The link to the pictures didn't work. Try this:

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The mirror is a lovely example of Eastlake and I think would fetch something, but it's hard to say just how much, as so much depends on the local market. Check Ebay for Eastlake, but remember that unless you see auction ending prices, asking prices are not necessarily what things sell for. But to me that mirror is quite special - I'd probably pay 200 for it.

The dresser with the lines is also Eastlake, but to me a less desirable style and around here, where Eastlake was maybe never that big, those sit on Craigslist forever.

Of the other three, the small one with the mirror is maybe a fairly ordinary piece (that style is a dime a dozen around here) though it is smaller than most I see and that might make it more desirable to someone. Maybe also as much as $200?

The two highboys are quite nice and I wouldn't hesitate to ask 300 for the nicer of the two. Maybe 200 or 250 for the other one.

I really hate to give prices though so just consider these a start point. I live in Canada where style and economic trends may be different. You have to watch your local market (craigslist, local shops) to see what is going at what prices. What you can ask privately will be about half or two thirds at most of what store prices are.


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That is a lovely mirror.....but it looks from the photograph to have mounting brackets on the bottom. Does it belong on one of those dressers?

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