What's the best way to fill cracks?

marc00December 15, 2006

Hi All,

Seems like there's a lot of knowledge in this forum. Hopefully some of you guys can point me in the right direction.

I have a ground water problem in my basement and I'm in the process of dealing with it by installing two sump pumps. The second sump is now in and the basement seems to be dryer but when the ground water rises above the bottom of the foundation water water still seeps through the cracks in the foundation. The foundation is poured concrete and is about five feet below grade.

I figure my next step is to chisel the cracks out and fill them with hydraulic cement. I tried this last week with a hammer and chisel but it was a slow go. I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations on tools that would make this job easier because I have a lot of cracks.

I'd also be curious to hear from folks that have successfully dealt with ground water problems and what was done to shore up the basement. If this doesn't work the next step is a french drain.

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I'm now dealing with cracks in our poured concrete foundation.

It seems that injected urethane is the way to go nowadays (if structural integrity is not compromised), since it can expand up to %50 of the size of the crack, thus keeping it sealed with any future movement. (The hydraulic cement would be worthless in the same scenario.)

There are DIY kits online, but they seem kinda expensive - but what do I know. But then again, they are complete, ready-to-go kits.

I found a local supplier who sold me the urethane and some injection ports. I got some lessons from them, and the main thing in my case is to be sure the crack is wet sufficiently and completely throughout since that's what the urethane reacts with. You fill the cracks from bottom to top through ports that are glued onto the surface of the crack. There's a way to wet the crack through the ports, as well.

Soem urethanes are "two-part", which I "think" means the water or other reactant is injected and mixed at teh same time as the urethane. Kind of a double-barrel caulk gun.

Search for "crack injection" and "foundation repair" on the web and you'll fid lots of stuff and some "how to" video clips. Search the yellow pages under foundation repair, basement waterproofing suppliers, etc. for local folks.

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